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FERRERS - A Fortunate Ancestry

A Fortunate Ancestry

Genealogy, as in any art form, evokes emotion that flows like honey from the 
pen of the writer to its destination in the mind of the reader. 
One such narrative is of the noble 
Norman house of Walchelme de Frerrars. 
He is of the Ferrar family that originated in Ferbered, Normandy. 
The ancient re'gime manor house was the site of a Knights Templar building and 
a 7th century Benedictine abbey, being a thousand years old when 
destroyed during the French Revolution.

Taking their name from the ubiquitous elements, the family Ferrar
is no exception. This noble family operated one of the most 
ancient of forges at St. Hilliary, at the site of its armor shops.
This family had thedouble distinction of being 
Armorer and Master of the Horse for the Duke of Normandy. 
Proof of such history was attached to the hooves of war horses of the 
Duke of Normandy horse shoe with an escutcheon inaugurating a 
manorial custom of nobility and hereditary status as the 
Master of the Horse, the…