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Quakers Homersley and Hamersley - by Len Holmes

Staffordshire England Quaker Research Hammersley Genetic match to WOOLRICH  Genetic match to LAKER
It is known that the Hamersley family lived for many generations in Stafford, England.  Villages of Hamersley/Homersley
  Leek, Basford, Cheddleton and others
It is clear that the Homersley/Hamersley families were yoeman farmers for generations. Planned marriages were common, as well as those more of choice.

The extant literature suggests that Thomas Hamersley of Basford used his home as a Meeting Place for the Friends' monthly meetings.

ANNO 1669. On the 12th of September, Thomas Hamersly [Hamersley], Robert Miller [Mellor], John Stretch, William Heath, and Joshua Dale, taken at a Meeting in the said Thomas Hamersly [Hamersley]'s House at Basford ... [BESSE]

Thomas Hamersley of Basford in Cheddleton, Staffs, yeoman
 (of Basford, Cheddleton parish, yeoman, absent from Leek church)
1642 [....] (as Hamersly, charged for gaol committal)
1661 [BESSE]
 (his house at Cheddleton used as a…

Armor - by Len Holmes

To feel divinely inspired is a gift of God and not of anyone else. We are to baptize ourselves in its glory and radiate it to the world so that our lives may be like a city on a hill showing for to all the world the true greatness of how God has been revealed to us through Jesus Christ.

For we are the new wine skins of the new wine of the new Covenant as Levi was contrasted at his calling.

I would not say where the greatest manifestation occurs, but it does happen often where the Holy Spirit is present in a community of believers. We must take time to be Holy, whether we are members of a sprawling metropolitan congregation or a tiny rural one or not one at all. That happens through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of all, reaching out to infect others with the love that GOD had for the world that he sent his only begotten son that we might believe and feed on Him.

But how does this happen? The answer is prayer without ceasing. It is possible and practical…

Thought, Word and Deed by Thou Divine Majesty - written by Len Holmes

Larry Eubanks, Rev. PhD.
 Writes an inspired blog on “thinking about the Bible” topics as he flows seamlessly onto a world stage of contemporary Christian writers.
In his September 16, 2016, blog he writes that to understand the New Testament one should stop reading it, temporarily. We are invited to open the Old Testament and begin to know it better as the Prophets proclaim the Glory of God to his people for all generations what God is with and without all the Law and the Prophets.

As a Christian in the pre-apocalyptic era, how do I think about the Holy Bible? I think in a rationally emotive fashion as my learning has occurred. We are products of ecclesiastical thought offered in my case from those who were inspired to or not to impart foundations for Christian beliefs for me to grow into the furthering of Christ's Kingdom here on earth, as it is in Heaven.

We think like the ancient Greeks as Dr. Eubanks adroitly states that if you were to ask a Greek about time he would include lot…

Homersley Genealogy by Len Holmes

Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) King of England from 21 April 1509 until his death. He was the first English King of Ireland, and continued the nominal claim by English monarchs to the Kingdom of France. CALENDAR FOR YEARS OF REIGN OF HENRY VIII
CALENDAR FOR THE YEARS OF REIGN OF EDWARD VI Edward VI (12 October 1537 – 6 July 1553) He was crowned on 20 February at the age of nine. HE RULED FOR 16 YRS
ADD NUMBER TO 1547 CALENDAR FOR THE YEARS OF MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTTS 1 October 1553, Gardiner crowned Mary at Westminster Abbey She died on 17 November 1558 ADD NUMBER TO 1553
CALENDAR FOR YEARS OF REIGN OF ELIZABETH I Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) Crowned 15 January 1559 44 year reign ADD NUMBER TO 1559
CALENDAR FOR YEARS OF JAMES VI SCOTLAND AND I (FIRST) OF ENGLAND James VI and I (19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625) was King of Scotland as James VI from 24 July 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from the union of the Scottish and English c…