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A Family Tribute to ~ Thank You for Your Service ~ SSgt T. C. Cox, KIA 5 December 1943

T. C. Cox and Dorothy Culwell Cox with their son T. C. "Skip" Cox Circa Mid-1942
T. C.and Dorothy were married in Stephenville, Erath Co., Texas on 20 April 1941 and Skip was born 22 March 1942. SSgt T. C. Cox KIA 5 December 1943 Mignano, Caserta Province, Campania, Italy
The third T. C., Troy C. Cox, grandson of SSgt T. C. Cox, told me of the path that his grandpa took after joining the Texas National Guard. He joined the Texas National Guard before 25 November 1940, in Stephenville, Texas.
Troy received some information about the last few days his grandfather was with his battalion. A copy of his file card shows:
"...your grandfather joined the Texas National Guard before November 25th 1940. That is the date they were brought into federal service, so his TNG records would be here on post with retained records. It would only cover the time from his enlistment to Nov. 25, 1940. Company D, 142nd Infantry was based in Stephenville, Texas before the war.

It shows a Good Conduct …

For the Honor Roll Project at Nutfield Genealogy ~ Person County, North Carolina

"THE HONOR ROLL PROJECT isan effort to transcribe and photograph military honor rolls. The transcribed names make the soldiers available for search engines, so that descendants and family members can find them on the internet. It is a simple but very rewarding project."  If you would like to participate, leave a comment on the founder's blog, Nutfield Genealogy here, or an email at You can see the 2014 list at Nutfield Genealogy here.
 This is my first contribution to Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project.

Person County Court House
Roxboro, Person County, North Carolina
According to Wikipedia Person County, located in the state of North Carolina had a population of 39,464 at the time of the 2010 U.S. census. The county seat is Roxboro and that is where I found these beautiful War Memorials yesterday.  I live twenty-five miles from the little town that has some of the most gorgeous period homes I have ever seen. My son-in-law works there as a f…

Stratford Wade Hampton Richards ~ Texas Cavalry Civil War Veteran Member Darnell's 18th Regiment

Stratford Wade Hampton Richards August 14, 1825 - July 21, 1900 Elender Caroline Cooper September 30, 1825 - April 11, 1899 "I know that my Redeemer Liveth." ~ Job XIX, 25

May 27~in 1864 on a Friday morning Stratford Wade Hampton Richards, along with the other members of Darnell's 18th Regiment, Texas Cavalry, fought in The Battle of Pickett's Mill. "Almost 25,000 men fought the terrain, the heat, the fear and each other in an area that became known as 'the hell hole' to surviving veterans." See Battle of Pickett's Mill

Stratford Wade Hampton Richards Citizen of the Republic of Texas Seal Double Monument in West End Cemetery Stephenville, Erath County, Texas Cemetery Section 9, Corner W. Washington and S. Lillian Street has a round bronze marker on top from the "Daughters of the Republic of Texas " which reads: "Citizen of the Republic of Texas " encirclin…

Alligators and Wagon Wheels ~ Homesley and Mosleys Going to St. Louis

REMEMBRANCES  OF  EARL HERBERT MOSLEY 14 January 1892 - 14 July 1984
Son of John Kimble MOSLEY (1868-1962) Martha Elizabeth REED (1872-1943)
Grandson of Benjamin Franklin MOSLEY (1841-?)   Mary Ann "Mollie" HOMESLEY (1843-?)
Great-grandson of George Washington HOMESLEY (Abt. 1807-Abt.1846) Eleanor C BROWN (1821-1872)
2nd Great-grandson of Joseph HOMESLEY (1780-1822) Barbary FOULKES ((1780-1845)
3rd Great-grandson of Benjamin HOMESLEY (1748-1824) Jemimah SELF (Abt. 1740-1820)
4th Great-grandson of unknown HOMERSLEY (?-1759) Jane UNKNOWN (?-1761)

We document the historical evidence so that future generations may understand the migrations of their ancestors.

Thanks to a printed funeral program and Earl Herbert Mosley’s King James Bible and family...
We know that Earl Herbert Mosely and Onnie Elizabeth Little married on Christmas Day 1911 at Ranger, Texas. Courtney MacAdams and Marty Lewis MacAdams witnessed th…