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Delayed Certificate of Birth

After reading my previous post about my father's Certificate of Birth and subsequent Amendment to Certificate of Birth 52 years later, a friend of mine made some very interesting points pertaining to the way birth records were recorded during the early and mid-1900s.

Jo Ann Kendrick Robinson wrote "Due to the infant mortality rate of the time, many families did not formally name newborns for a year or more. Since the birth records were to be reported by the hospitals, doctors, etc. as soon as the child was born there were many children who were reported with the first name of 'Baby'. My mother's original birth certificate was for Baby Byrd. When social security numbers and Medicare times came around many Americans were shocked to learn they had inadequate proof of birth. The state of Texas devised the 'Delayed' certificate. In order to get one you had to provide sworn statements from people who knew you were the Baby listed in the records. Older siblings, a…

Leon's Birth and Amendment ~ 1916 and 1972

Our daddy was born on this day 97 years ago. His mother and dad, Bob and Willie, obviously weren't ready with a name, since the birth record found on FamilySearch recorded none.

Knowing that August 26, 1916 was my father's birthday, and that his parents were John Robert Richards and Willie Laura Homsley, AND that he was born in Peaster, Texas, it was not a stretch to believe that this digital file found on FamilySearch is indeed a copy of his Certificate of Birth from the Texas State Board of Health. It gives us only a few more pieces of information: the child was a white, legitimate, male American child; a J. A. Williams, M. D., of Peaster, Texas reported the birth and possibly delivered him; the father was a farmer; and the certificate was numbered 33682. Aside from that, there isn't any other new information here.

But then I ran across this piece of information that none of us children can figure out ~ a case of "why didn't we talk to them more when they were s…

Mary M. Childers Smith

Happy Birthdayto my step-great-grandmother,  Mary M. Childers, who would have been 116 today!
Born on 25 August 1897 she was the Mother of Cleo, Mildred and Paul Smith.
Married to Murray Cord Smith, of DeWitt, Arkansas, a Methodist minister.
A quick look at this morning turned up this beautiful digital page in the Arkansas County, Arkansas, marriage license ledger. On page 250 is recorded the Bond for Marriage License and the Marriage License and Certificate of Marriage.
Murray, was 24 years old, but Mary was only a very young 18 at the time they married on 9 April 1916.


The Skeleton Swing

Photo by Amy V. Miller
A year and a half has gone by; Now the swing is gone, As are the stepping stones and I. Hot rain has replaced the frigid air; Here in Caroline I remember the skeleton swing Waiting for new swingers which never came.

Photo Source: Flickr Some rights reservedby Amy V. Miller