Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rest In Peace ~ J. D. Richards

J. D. Richards
Born December 28, 1924 in Whitt, Parker County, Texas
Died January 11, 2013 in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas

Nine years younger than his oldest sibling, Iwanda, and fifteen years older than the youngest, Richard Edwin, J. D. was one of eleven children born to my grandparents, John Robert Richards and Willie Laura Homsley.

I remember when I was younger (much younger), I would hear or see a plane overhead and cry out, “there’s Uncle J. D.!” I had no idea whether or not he was a pilot, a navigator, or infantry, but in my childish mind he was flying directly overhead in his sharp uniform.

He told me later that he had been wounded along with others while in the Pacific. I will research his military service and place it here for you soon.

J. D. suffered from Alzheimer's disease and his children and all of his nieces and nephews missed his quick wit and family stories. His daughter, Cathy, told us that he “got his angel wings” about 8:15 P.M. on Friday evening, January 11, 2013. He was the last of his brothers and sisters to go home for his heavenly reward. We will all miss you, Uncle J. D.

Please feel free to leave your memories and comments here on this post to be shared with his family.

Richards, J. D., original belonged to Johnny and Betty Richards, digital format by Judith Richards Shubert.

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Unknown said...

It was good to visit tonight with Cathy and Benita and Jeff and their kids and grandkids. Sad that the death of a loved one is often the only thing that brings us all back together.

Glad that Uncle J.D.'s suffering is over and that he is reunited with loved ones gone before and no longer knows any pain or suffering.

Homsley Reunion, Seymour, Texas

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