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Learning About the Haiku

Today I decided, after the fact, to learn a little more about the Haiku. After reading Robert D. Wilson's Defining Haiku at Simply Haiku, I feel I understand it a bit better; although, for me it is not easy. According to their homepage, Simply Haiku, from its inception, has been an English language Japanese short form poetry journal.

Leavesdisappearthere,     (5) Underneath thewirechainfence.    (7)
Large, brownbrittlemulchforbuds.    (7)

Leaves hide,  (2)
Neath wire chain fencing . . .   (5)
For buds. (2)
The first rendering has too many words and too many syllables for a proper English Haiku. The second leaves more room for the reader's interpretation.

Mindful Writing Challenge January 15, 2013

Light of Heart

- Haiku and Acrostic Heavy my thoughts, Leading down darkened byways . . . Now light of heart.

Light of heart Is the tone of the day, they say. Grey clouds that hovered early Have scattered off in play. Take my heart’s pain away!
Ofttimes the worry Forces my eyes to brim.
Heavy heart still beating Even with the pain. Around the turn of evening Rush good thoughts again. Taking me to abode of the light of heart.

Mindful Writing Challenge January 13, 2013

Rest In Peace ~ J. D. Richards

J. D. Richards Born December 28, 1924 in Whitt, Parker County, Texas Died January 11, 2013 in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas
Nine years younger than his oldest sibling, Iwanda, and fifteen years older than the youngest, Richard Edwin, J. D. was one of eleven children born to my grandparents, John Robert Richards and Willie Laura Homsley.
I remember when I was younger (much younger), I would hear or see a plane overhead and cry out, “there’s Uncle J. D.!” I had no idea whether or not he was a pilot, a navigator, or infantry, but in my childish mind he was flying directly overhead in his sharp uniform.
He told me later that he had been wounded along with others while in the Pacific. I will research his military service and place it here for you soon.
J. D. suffered from Alzheimer's disease and his children and all of his nieces and nephews missed his quick wit and family stories. His daughter, Cathy, told us that he “got his angel wings” about 8:15 P.M. on Friday evening, January 11, …

Hot and Cold

Cold white tile greets my shivering body
Stepping over the discarded towel In the Lilliputian square bath.
The whirring red hot heat of the ceiling fixture Smooths the chill bumps from my skin. As I finish with my bath, and warm myself Under the flare of the burning element I feel comforted, clean, and free of muscle aches.
The switch is flipped, and the silence and absence Of heat immediately permeates my senses.
Mindful Writing Challenge January 6, 2013

Ed & Tommie Puckett Riedel

Ed & Lorado Missouri "Tommie" Puckett Riedel Sister of Edna Puckett Gailey
SOURCES Photograph: Riedel, Ed and Tommie, digital format, original in Edna Puckett Gailey's scrapbook, owned by Judith Richards Shubert.
Digital Scrapbook Graphics: Raspberry Road Designs, "Hemingway",  <>  accessed 1 January 2013.