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A Pyramid of Candy at Christmas

Betty Fails Richards April 1962
The Christmas holidays always brings to mind my Aunt Betty Richards and the many hours she spent in the kitchen cooking candies, breads, cakes, pies, and her famous cinnamon rolls. She was a great cook and there were many cousins, aunts and uncles who stopped by during the holidays expecting to find their favorite sweet.
During their later years, my grandparents lived with Uncle Johnny and Aunt Betty in Lingleville, which is a small stop in the road just outside of Stephenville in Erath County, Texas. My cousins, Linda, Brenda, Jerry, and DeeBo had the enviable privilege of getting to know them better than any other of their 46 grandchildren. Yes, I said 46. That number always astounds me, even today. I am the third oldest grandchild, and the oldest living today; next in line is two years younger than I am, and the youngest is young enough to be one of my children.
Some of Bob and Willie's 46 Grandchildren
Grandpa and Grandma Richards had eleven children…