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My Favorite Christmas Carol - Ave Maria

Our very own footnoteMaven has challenged us to blog our favorite Christmas Carol. I love that Geneabloggers have traditions. From the comfort of our blogs, with fMs Hot Toddy (and my coconut cake) in hand, her flannel jammies and furry slippers on (and my cuddle-duds), we will all blog our favorite Christmas Carols on Wednesday, December 15. (Don't we sing so much better online than in person?)

So my fellow GeneaBloggers, mine is below. Post yours quickly so we can all enjoy the caroling!
This Christmas Prayer is sung by many people, but Aaron Neville's voice is the one I prefer over any other. He also has several other renditions of the song. This one is a shorter version. It means a great deal to me for a very special reason and I will always hold it dear to my heart.

Aaron Neville Louisiana Christmas Concert singing Ave Maria accompanied by Miss Linda Rondstadt and the Community Choir

Ave Maria from Otello by Verdi (Italian Version)

Ave Maria, piena di grazia, eletta