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Amanuensis Monday: "My Mother's Handwriting" - Alice Irene Puckett

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

My grandmother, Edna Alice Puckett Gailey, had this slip of paper in her scrapbook for years. While scanning the pages, I found this note that Edna said was written by her mother, Alice Irene Cook Puckett.I remember Edna's father to be a very sweet man. His sensitivity comes to light in this very short note.

"Harve said the next time you stayed all night here
for you to make your bed up
that he seen where your & Mildred head lay & he cryed
Well I guess that all Write soon
HV  AI Puckett"While there is no envelope with this note and I can't be sure of the year or the location, I can tell you that Harve and Alice moved from Millsap, Parker County, Texas to Blanchard, McClain Co., Oklahoma sometime after their children were older. Edna and Mildred were both married and still living in Parker Co., Texas when I was a child - in the 40s-60s. Alice died in 1954 and…

Wordless Wednesday - Abandoned Barracks on Fort Wolters

Old Fort Wolters Mineral Wells, Texas Abandoned Army Barracks
Source: Photograph: Barracks, U. S. Army, digital format, original taken by Judith Richards Shubert and held in personal collection. Copyright January 2009

Amanuensis Monday - "Dearest Vernelle"

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

S.S. Recruting office San Antionio Tex., March 15, 1941 Dearest Vernelle,
Well Darling how is the measles serving you by now, I hope you are completely well by this time. I mean now Mar. 15, 1941 at 3:30 o'clock and by the way it's Saturday too.
When we got to town last night we didn't even get off the bus therefore I didn't have a chance to send you a telegram like I promised and I can't get off to go to town until they get ready to send us home, and I don't know if it will be early enough tonight for me to send you a telegram but I hope so, because I am afraid that you are beginning to wonder if I am still alive or not. well I am, and very much so, I failed the Physical on acount of weak eyes. I knew it about 11:30 this morning and I wish to got I could let you know about it but I can't do anything about it just now if I expect to get a free ride home.