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Alice & Harvey Vandegar Puckett pose with Some of their Children in 1911

Alice & Harvey Vandegar Puckett Family
Circa 1911 - Millsap, Parker County, Texas

I thought I had put this wonderful picture on Genealogy Traces a long time ago, but when I saw it on my computer today, I looked for it here and couldn't find it. So if I have repeated it, please forgive me.

This is my great-grandparents, Harvey Vandegar Puckett and Alice Cook Roberts Puckett and all but their youngest child, daughter L. G. Puckett.

In the back from left to right are Lorado Missouri "Tommie", Lilly, and Lucy.

On the front row from left to right are Mildred, Harvey Vandegar, Alice holding Ballard, and Edna Alice (my grandmother).

Ballard was born in June of 1910 according to my family records taken from his sister, Edna's, handwritten notes. And he appears to be about six months old here. Maybe it was taken for a Christmas gift that December.

Children of Harvey Vandegar Puckett and Alice Cook Roberts:
  1. Mary Lucy Puckett, born July 23, 1895 in Texas and died December 30, 1918 in Sandpoint, Idaho. She married Conley Talmage Rhoten in 1908. He was born May 22, 1892 in Weatherford, Parker Co., Texas and died March 31, 1954 in Borger, Texas.
  2. Lilly Mae Puckett, born May 22, 1897 in Texas and died November 25, 1992 in Weatherford, Parker Co., Texas. She was married to Aubrey E. Morris, Sr.
  3. Lorado Missouri "Tommie" Puckett, born August 1, 1900 in Texas and died September 15, 1944 in Austin, Texas. She married (1) William Boyd Kidwell about 1918. He was born in 1894 and died in 1974. She married (2) Charles Edward Riedel after 1920.
  4. Edna Alice Puckett, born January 23, 1902 in Quinlin, Hunt Co., Texas and died August 30, 1976  in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., Texas. She married James Dolphus "Doc" Gailey on October 15, 1919 in Weatherford, Parker Co., Texas. He was the son of James Newton Gailey and Eleanor Elizabeth Brock. He was born November 8, 1898 in Brock, Parker Co., Texas and died October 6, 1976 in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., Texas.
  5. Roxie Ann Puckett, born February 22, 1904 in Texas and died February 29, 1904 in Texas after living one short week.
  6. Mildred Anne Puckett, born on August 31, 1905 in Greenville, Hunt Co., Texas and died May 5, 1995 in Weatherford, Parker Co., Texas. She was married to Edgar Ames on November 5, 1921. He was born November 11, 1900 and died January 21, 1984 in Weatherford, Parker Co., Texas.
  7. Blanche Puckett, was born and died on January 7, 1908 in Millsap, Parker Co., Texas.
  8. Harvey Ballard Puckett, born June 28, 1910 in Millsap, Parker Co., Texas and died June 21, 1995 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Married to Sadie Raye Conley who died on October 4, 1997.
  9. L. G. Puckett, born May 24, 1912 in Teneha, Shelby Co., Texas and died in Wichita, Kansas. She had two sons by her first husband. She married a second time to a Mr. Smith. L. G. was born on a Friday.
  10. Rufus Glen Puckett, born on November 20, 1914 in Texas and died on February 2, 1915 in Weatherford, Parker Co., Texas after living only two months.
Alice Cook Roberts had three children when she and Harvey got married. She lived in Lewing Town, not far from Many, Louisiana, where Harvey Vandegar Puckett was born. The children used to tell their own children that Grandpa would go to Lewing Town to court the Widow Roberts. The Roberts children were Lula Geneive, Eles Lee, and an infant boy. Alice left the three children with their grandmother, Mary Province Cook. A family story tells how the grandmother would not allow Alice to take the children with her to the new marriage.
And so, like many women of her generation, Alice had a large number of children and literally wore herself out.

Copyright (c) 2010 by Judith Richards Shubert
Photograph original owned by Judith Richards Shubert. Digital format used here.
Family notes and stories, along with census records.

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Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today and will look back when I have more time - very interesting.
Ann Summerville
Cozy In Texas

Hog Hunting Texas said...

Tough family and he is looking like a king in the photo. Very classic.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi Ann! So glad you stopped by today. I appreciate your interest. Come back often and leave your comments. I like your blog name, Cozy in Texas! It's great.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks, HHT ~ he does look like he is King of the Hill, doesn't he? He was the sweetest man, just the kind of man for a house full of daughters!

Thanks for coming back and reading my posts.

Jo said...

What a wonderful picture. A very nice looking family. Did Alice ever get her first three children back from her mother? I enjoy your blog.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks, Jo. I have always loved this picture. My grandmother (the one in front on the far right) looks so much like my baby sister, it's uncanny. No, Alice did not get her children back from her mother when they were small. Genivieve sent Alice and Harvey cards occasionally but I'm not sure about the other two. I have a post here with her picture on a card she sent them.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Oh, yes, I meant to tell you that the post with Lula Genevive's photo is Lula Genevive Roberts sends Christmas Card to Mother.

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