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Fanny Waiting for Spring

 Doc and Edna Gailey
with Doc's Fox Hounds
Fanny is the star of this photo!

My mother's daddy and my grandpa loved to go fox hunting. He would take his fox hounds out along the country roads, pick out a spot down by the Brazos River and meet his friends for a night of conversation, a plug of tobacco and listening to the dogs baying at the foxes as they chased them across the fields. They did not carry any guns and did not catch the foxes. They were usually quick enough and wily enough to escape the dogs.

A lot of Saturday mornings the dogs had not come back to camp and Doc would have to go back to the area where they were let out of the truck and "call" them. He used an old fashioned horn made from a cow's horn. I can hear it now if I'm quiet enough! I think my cousin now has Doc's horn - I hope so. I hate to think it has been lost or went to someone who didn't know and love my Grandpa.

My husband, Bob, went with Doc and his son-in-law, Raymond, once for a night of fox hunting. He came back shaking his head and told me he just didn't understand it. All they did was sit around by the campfire and talk. He never was much of an outdoorsman!

I put Raymond's bio here on Genealogy Traces and he describes how he came to name one of his fox hounds. He and some friends had driven down from Oklahoma to the Dallas Centennial and enjoyed all the shows. They were all pretty taken with a dancer called “Flaming Fanny”. When they left Dallas Raymond said they named their car “Flaming Fanny” and years later he had a fox hound (and a good one) whose name was “Flaming Fanny”. Click here and read his very interesting bio written in his own hand.

The picture above was taken during one of those rare snows in north central Texas. This one was in 1965. That snowfall record was broken just this year at Christmas. Grandma and Doc don't look like they were dressed for it, do they?


Greta Koehl said…
I think I "get" the type of hunting your Grandpa did because it sounds like the kind of "hunting' my dad and his brothers did. Kind of like the way they fished: If they caught some fish, so much the better.
I can't say I get the hunting part, my dad didn't hunt. But, I do get the beautiful page you made, it is great!
You're so right, Greta, if they saw a fox, so much the better! But Shubert grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, went to high school with the governor's kids, but never went to the Grand Ole' Opry! Does that tell you something?
So glad you're still liking my scrapbook pages, Cheryl! I'm spending too much time on them though. I REALLY need to do more genealogy research. But then I am spending a lot of time with the MWHS Historian's project. Have you tried your hand at the scrapbooking yet?
Heather Rojo said…
There was a lot of fox hunting going on near where I grew up. My Mum lived near the Myopia Hunt Club as a girl, and the formal hunt involved then whole town. The club members in formal wear riding expensive horses would ride through the estates and the kids in town would open and close the gates as the parade of hunters and cappers went by. They still do this today, but there is no fox- they lay a scent for the hounds by dragging a bag. They still wear formal wear during "the season" in the fall and "rat catcher attire" during the clubbing season. I suppose old traditions die hard in this part of Massachusetts! PS no one ever "catches" a fox during THE HUNT.
Hi Heather. What a wonderful description of the Fox Hunts in Massachusetts. Thank you for sharing this with my readers. Reminds me of the hunts described in the history books written about the English countryside.
Pat said…
You are the recipient of the Ancestor Approval Award!

Pat & Judy at genealogygals\blog
Jenny said…
Congratulations you are Ancestor Approved...

The Ancestor Approved Award asks that the recipient list ten things you have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlighted you and pass the award along to ten other bloggers who you feel are doing their ancestors proud.

You are now tagged on my blog Blame Grandma -

My grand pa have the same habit he used to go every weekend. Thanks for sharing.
Now the spring comes you can have fun now by the way what are the plans. You should go with your grandpa.
Jo said…
Judith, congratulations I have nominated you for the Ancestor Approved Award. I see several others have also nominated you. Please visit me at Those Who Went Before to pick up your badge and complete the requirements. I like your scrapbook pages, but they are slow to load. I enjoy reading your posts.
Greta Koehl said…
Judy - I meant to leave this note earlier but it must have been a DUH or Old-Timer's moment - so I forgot; I have give you the Ancestor Approved Award over at
Travelin'Oma said…
I'm searching out all the ancestor award blogs, and yours is awesome. Congratulations!
I love, love, love your blog. It is so interesting and fun. I have nominated you for the Ancestors Approved Award, if you haven't already received it--can't find it on your blog. Please visit my blog to see what is involved.

Keep up the good work.
A great big thank you to all of you have given me the Ancestor Award for my blog! I'm humbled and very pleased. I seem to have neglected my blogging lately, so it comes as a very nice surprise.

Thank you,
Thanks to the one from "Hog Hunting Texas" website who left a comment here on this post. I really appreciate your reading about my grandpa's fox hound, Fanny! Come and visit again.
Judy, I have been playing a little with the digi scraping. One day maybe I will post something, for now I am still very new at it.

My point to this comment however is to say Happy Blogiversary to you! Looking forward to another year of posts!
Thanks, Cheryl. I'm glad you're finally trying your hand at digi-scrapping. It's fun, isn't it?
I can't wait to see some of your work.

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