Sunday, March 14, 2010

Edna and the Girls

Maedelle, Irene, and Vernelle Gailey
Mineral Wells High School
Circa 1938

I have always loved this old photograph of my mother and her sisters. I believe they were standing in the schoolyard of their old high school in Mineral Wells, Texas - the very one you'll find at the Mountaineer Heritage Park Blog.

All of their children except the very youngest, my sister who is ten years younger than me, went to Junior High in the same building. I think maybe my sister attended some of her grade school years there. My cousin and I were discussing this picture last night and were pleased to see that we recognized the old brick and mortar!

The Gailey girls are from left to right: Maedelle, Irene, and Vernelle. I have added their mother, Edna Puckett Gailey to the photo, as well. My cousin and I discussed the fact that Irene always loved fashionable shoes and she is wearing some in the picture. And what are Mother and Maedelle wearing? Are those high heels and bobbie socks? Mother and Maedelle's dresses look similar to the pattern I placed in the center of the scrapbooked page. Someone in the family probably made all three of the dresses, since Grandma and all three of her girls were seamstresses all their lives.

I enjoyed putting this digital scrapbook page together. Hope you enjoy looking!


Greta Koehl said...

Some of my favorite pictures of my aunts were taken next to the building of old Bomarton High School (neither the building nor the school exist any longer). Did you take a course in digital scrapbooking? I need to learn how to do that.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi Greta!
It's too bad about the old Bomarton High School. I do hope the endeavors of the 50 Year Club to restore our old high school comes to pass. It seems a long way down the road!

No, no class. I already had Photoshop on my machine and my cousin bought a Photoshop for Dummies (and its actually helped a lot.) There is a LOT to learn about Photoshop - will probably never learn it all. But we also joined a yahoo scrapping group. And we've gotten a great deal of help and links to all kinds of free digital sites. You should try your hand at it.

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