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Fanny Waiting for Spring

Doc and Edna Gailey with Doc's Fox Hounds Fanny is the star of this photo!
My mother's daddy and my grandpa loved to go fox hunting. He would take his fox hounds out along the country roads, pick out a spot down by the Brazos River and meet his friends for a night of conversation, a plug of tobacco and listening to the dogs baying at the foxes as they chased them across the fields. They did not carry any guns and did not catch the foxes. They were usually quick enough and wily enough to escape the dogs.
A lot of Saturday mornings the dogs had not come back to camp and Doc would have to go back to the area where they were let out of the truck and "call" them. He used an old fashioned horn made from a cow's horn. I can hear it now if I'm quiet enough! I think my cousin now has Doc's horn - I hope so. I hate to think it has been lost or went to someone who didn't know and love my Grandpa.
My husband, Bob, went with Doc and his son-in-law, Raymond, once for a …

Polly Elam Brock Comes to Life

Polly was born into the antebellum south during a time when those who were known as the aristocratic plantation owners and King Cotton ruled the region. She was taught the manners and etiquette that was expected of the daughter and granddaughter of prominent families in Alabama. Her granddaughter, Juanita, tells of listening to Polly tell them stories of her childhood in Alabama, the large cotton plantations, slaves and her beloved Mammy.

The year 1850 brought the Slave Schedule census and Polly’s father, Joel Elam, was listed as owner of four slaves. Their names were not given, but there was one 56 year-old black female whom I imagine was the one Polly was talking about. Joel also owned a 15 year-old black female, a 9 year-old black female, and one 15 year-old mulatto male who had fled and not returned was listed as a fugitive from the state.

Polly was the oldest child born to Joel Elam and Sarah Elanor Stamps. Her granddaughter remembers her being born in Tuscaloosa, but the census …

Polly Brock's Texas Timeline

Polly Sanders Elam Brock was born Christmas Day, 1843 to Sarah Stamps and Joel Elam in Talladega Co., Alabama and later moved with her family to Rusk Co., Texas. 25 March 1843 – Seventeen Texans were executed in what became known as the Black Bean Episode, which resulted from the Mier Expedition, one of several raids by the Texans into Mexico. 27 May 1843 – The Texan’s Snively Expedition reached the Santa Fe Trail, expecting to capture Mexican wagons crossing territory claimed by Texas. The campaign stalled, however, when American troops intervened.

Polly marries John Henry Brock on October 21, 1866 in Rusk Co., Texas. 1866 -The abundance of longhorn cattle in south Texas and the return of Confederate soldiers to a poor reconstruction economy marked the beginning of the era of Texas trail drives to northern markets. 20 August 1866 – President Andrew Johnson issues a proclamation of peace between the United States and Texas.
Her first child was born in 1868. They named him Joel Walter Brock…

Edna and the Girls

Maedelle, Irene, and Vernelle Gailey Mineral Wells High School Circa 1938
I have always loved this old photograph of my mother and her sisters. I believe they were standing in the schoolyard of their old high school in Mineral Wells, Texas - the very one you'll find at the Mountaineer Heritage Park Blog.

All of their children except the very youngest, my sister who is ten years younger than me, went to Junior High in the same building. I think maybe my sister attended some of her grade school years there. My cousin and I were discussing this picture last night and were pleased to see that we recognized the old brick and mortar!

The Gailey girls are from left to right: Maedelle, Irene, and Vernelle. I have added their mother, Edna Puckett Gailey to the photo, as well. My cousin and I discussed the fact that Irene always loved fashionable shoes and she is wearing some in the picture. And what are Mother and Maedelle wearing? Are those high heels and bobbie socks? Mother and Maedelle&#…