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Reposting from 2010: Search for Vinnie Sapp Plumlee

My Sapp family line has not been one that I have spent a lot of time on gathering information, but my posts about them coming into Texas with my Richards ancestors caught a reader’s attention a few weeks ago.

The Sapp / Plumlee descendant wrote to me asking if I had ever seen the name Vinnie Sapp Plumlee pop up in my research. I hadn’t, but promised I would look further into my seemingly “growing” mounds of paper and contact a few others who might have some knowledge of this link.

I enlisted a Richards / Sapp cousin originally from the Shelby County area of Texas where our ancestors moved from Alabama all those long years ago. She has been instrumental in helping me sort out the riddle of names and places that make up our mutual ancestry. She said the name and information given to me by the one searching for Vinnie sounded familiar but she would have to search for her, as well.

Vinnie Sapp Plumlee has been an elusive figure to her granddaughter in that she can’t find her resting place and hasn’t been able to identify her parents.  She wrote,
“Vinnie died at the age of 29 or 30 in Weatherford, Texas, during childbirth. She married my grandfather, Joshua Preston Plumlee, also known by  the nickname Press or Pres who also died in Weatherford in 1956. He was the son of James Preston Plumlee who died in Springtown, Texas. Some ancestry sites have listed my father as being James Preston Plumlee, Jr., but there was not a son born to the elder Plumlee by that name that I know of. I have a picture of my grandfather’s brothers and they coincide with the known sons of the elder James Preston Plumlee.”

Sons of James Preston & Amanda (Blanton) Plumlee
John Taylor, William Harrison, Joseph M. (Joel?), Joshua Preston (Press), Henry Edgar

Joshua Preston "Press" Plumlee
Vinnie D. Sapp

Joshua Preston Plumlee and Vinnie D. Sapp were married on January 1, 1899 and are listed in the 1900 and 1910 census (Parker County, Texas).

The granddaughter who I will refer to as M writes,
“The first children born to Vinnie were twin boys who died. That was around 1900. She later had three daughters and one son, who is my father. My aunt said her mother died in childbirth July 1912 delivering a second set of twins who also died and were buried with her near a big cedar tree in the Springtown Cemetery; but my father told me she was buried in Peaster. I do not know if the second set of twins were boys or girls.”

Besides not being able to find Vinnie’s gravesite, M has not been able to find a death record for her. In her search she did find a death certificate for an unknown female named Plumlee who died April 15, 1911 and is buried in Zion Hill Cemetery in Parker County. As my great-grandparents are buried in Zion Hill, too, I couldn’t help but believe that I’d find a connection there. I travel back and forth to Mineral Wells, just west of Weatherford and Parker County fairly often, fulfilling my appointment as historian of the MWHS 50 Year Club. The next pretty day I vowed to stop and walk through Zion Hill once more.

I posted photographs of all of the Plumlee stones that I found that day on my blog, Cemeteries with Texas Ties, in the hopes that M or another family member might recognize one of them. The post immediately caught the eye of a fellow GeneaBlogger, Debbie Blanton McCoy who writes Blanton Family Roots and Branches. She also is a very busy gal. A retired educator, Debbie has been researching her family for 15 years. Her main family lines are Blanton, Prestridge, Saunders, McAnear and Scarborough.

She wrote,
“I don't see any Plumlee names that match mine. My 2nd great grand aunt, Amanda Susannah Blanton, married James Preston Plumlee about 1861 probably in Parker County. He is there in 1860 in his father's household, but only initials are given, so I don't know the names of his parents or siblings. James was born in 1839 in Carroll County, Arkansas and died in Springtown (Texas) in 1908. I would think that there is a link somewhere to your Plumlees, but I have not followed them back past 1860.”

I put Debbie in touch with M and they are busily finding answers and clues that link their Plumlees; and in their search, I think they are finding answers to some of my questions about the Sapps who came to Parker County.

Plumlee, sons of James Preston & Amanda (Blanton) Plumlee, in digital format 2010, originals belonging to Martha Plumlee Craig.


Good job, Judy and thanks for the link to my blog.
Anonymous said…
I have a picture of the 5 Plumlee brothers, similar to the picture posted. Except they are sitting, Henry Edgar Plumlee was my husband, Edgar Douglas Plumlee's grandfather, we have the names as John Taylor, Joseph M, William Henry Harrison, and James Preston Plumlee-which you show as Joshua Preston Plumlee and Henry Edgar. We have alot of info, in The Descendants of Isaac & Margaret Bradshaw Plumlee. It also shows James Preston Sr married to Amanda Snow Blanton as the parents. Plus 3 sisters. James Preston Jr married to Venie Sapp, 1st wife, died 1911 buried in a cemetery near Sunset, Montague Co Texas. She was born circa 1882, Alabama. Sounds like a connect to Sapp here. Sharon Plumlee, Oregon
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

I believe I am a descendant of Vinnie and Joshua as my great-grandmother is Joe Ella Plumlee. I would love to see what you find out about her relatives as I'm at a stand still on just looking through Web results and I've found tons of info on Joshua but close to nothing on Venie. My e-mail address is Thanks.
To Sharon Plumlee who commented above: You did not leave an email address. We have been trying to get in touch with you. If you see this, please contact Judy or me. My email address is dmccoy44 at yahoo dot com.
Anonymous said…

james preston jr was married to sapp. i would welcome all info you have i am 5 generations down from James Preston Sr.

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