Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Happy 101" Award for Genealogy Traces

There are so many dear, sweet folks I've met through blogging about my family genealogy! Three of them have been so kind as to give me this "sweet" award called "Happy 101" to recognize Genealogy Traces and Tennessee Memories.

I first heard from Debbie Blanton at  Blanton Family Roots and Branches and then Taylorstales-Genealogy dropped by with hers. I also heard from Robin Cordell-Inge who writes Where I Come From. Over at Tennessee Memories, Janice Tracy, author of Mississippi Memories and six other very interesting blogs, left her "sweet" comments! Thanks to all of you. I appreciate it, and you all make me happy!

If you receive this award you are asked to list 10 things that make you happy and list 10 blogs you would like to share it with.

10 Things that Make me Happy! 
Laughter of my sisters
Reading about Texas
My kids and grandkids
Sunny Days
Music (all kinds)
Collecting Glass
Walking through cemeteries with a camera and notebook
Iced Tea "the table wine of the South"

I'd like to pass the award on to the following blogs:
everything blues Everything about the blues, including history of the music form and details about the lives and the music of some well-known blues musicians. by Janice Tracy 
Appalachian History Stories, quotes, and anecdotes. by Dave Tabler 
Genealogy Simple & Fun Here are articles to help you in your research, news information plus items to make your genealogy adventure fun! by Tammy Evans
Greta's Genealogy Bog Seriously obsessed with genealogy since 2005; the joys, problems, and pitfalls of family research. by Greta Koehl
Lincecum Lineage A genealogy blog devoted to her Lincecum ancestors, as well as all allied lines that merged with or crossed their paths. by Stephanie Lincecum.
Raeburn Family Odyssey Connecting the dots of the Raeburn families and related surnames from Ireland to North America; with a little bit of this and that in between. by Holly
Where I Come From "This is the story of my family and where they came from....and the journey that brought me to here!" by Robin Cordell-Inge
Who Will Tell Their Story? "A blog dedicated to my collection of orphan photographs." by Julie Cahill Tarr
Consanguinity kin-necting the dots. Relationship by blood, whether linear or collateral. by Patti Browning 
GeneaDiva's History, Genealogy and "Stuff"  Genealogy, history and general stuff connected to my life with emphasis on history and genealogy. by the GeneaDiva

Please take a moment to check out my selections. They are all worthy of your readership and your comments.


Greta Koehl said...

Thank you so much, Judy, I am honored. I was wondering what kind of glass you collect? I don't know much about glass, but there are certain kinds I see that fascinate me.

My husband I both love the line "table wine of the South." We agree!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

LOL! I stole that iced tea comment from the movie, "Steel Magnolias." I believe it was Truvy (Dolly Parton) that said it to Shelby (Julia Roberts) at the County Fair. I just HAD to use it SOMEwhere!

As to the subject of glass - I really like all kinds. I used to actively collect, but am content now to just enjoy what I have and not continue to deplete what's out there for sale!!

I have several different patterns of Depression Glass, the largest group I have is in the Iris pattern by Jeannette. And I have quite a collection of milk glass by Westmoreland.

Have a good evening, Greta!

Tonia said...

Hi Judith, thanks for commenting on my post about volunteerism. I'm so glad you found Georgia's Virtual Vault helpful! It's such a great resource.

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