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William Jasper Puckett and Annie Lewis Puckett

William Jasper Puckett, II and Annie Lewis Puckett

This picture of William Jasper and Annie was painted on a thick cardboard in 1931 by Heirlooms, Inc., in Ohio from a camera photo taken in the early 1920s, making Annie 44 years old at the time.

One of the first contacts I had with my great-grandfather, Harvey Vandegar Puckett's, distant family members was with Rita Rascoe Jones, who lived in Orange, Texas, at the time. Rita was from Many, Louisiana, the birthplace of my great-grandfather and his siblings. William Jasper, II was Harvey's nephew, his older brother being William Jasper, I. At the time Rita contacted me I had no knowledge of this brother. In fact, my notes from my grandmother only included three boys, Harvey Vandegar, Charles Rufus, and Travis Austin. As it turned out, several of my 2nd cousins and aunts and uncles knew there were other siblings.

I never will forget Rita's email - she said Thank goodness! I have been searching for these three brothers for years! We were both thrilled. She had names and information on eight siblings! I have several posts on the Pucketts here.

William Jasper Puckett II and Annie Lewis Puckett are Rita's grandparents. Rita was raised  by Annie.

William is the son of William Jasper Puckett I and Richard & Polly Brooks Puckett's grandson. He was born in March of 1880 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana. Annie was born Oct 25, 1876 and died in 1959. Her father was William J. Lewis and her mother was Catherine Dees.

Children of C. Richard Puckett and Polly Brooks Puckett are:

  • William Jasper Puckett I, born 1857 in Jasper County, Texas; died 1880 in Fisher, Louisiana, Sabine Parish.
  • Martha Jane Puckett, born March 14, 1859 in Sabine Parrish, Louisiana; died February 18, 1945 in Sabine Parrish, Louisiana.
  • Roxie Ann Puckett, born June 14, 1862 in Texas; died February 13, 1904 in Fisher, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.  She married Columbus Foster Lewing February 10, 1876; born February 28, 1853.
  • Louisiana Puckett, born Abt. 1866 in Texas.
  • Barbara Puckett, born April 01, 1870 in Louisiana; died September 13, 1926.  She married Joseph Pinkney Lewing March 05, 1888; born June 21, 1858.
  • Harvey Vandegar Puckett, born May 27, 1871 in Many, Sabine Parrish, Louisiana; died February 19, 1958 in Aledo, Parker Co., Texas. 
  • Charles Rufus Puckett, born February 26, 1874 in Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana; died September 22, 1941 in Blanchard, Oklahoma.
  • Travis Austin Puckett, born August 19, 1876 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana; died November 03, 1929 in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

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Hello. I just submitted a DNA test recently to and I have reason to believe I am related to William Lewis. I typed in William Lewis and Catherine Dees and this is the first search result that came up!! My name is Robyn (Lewis) Doucet. My email is

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