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Terrence Austin Puckett - January 20, 1940 - March 1, 2003

Terrence Austin Puckett
January 20, 1940 - March 1, 2003
Photo taken in 1960

"Terrence Austin Puckett, 62, of Las Cruces, died in his sleep Saturday, March 1, 2003 at the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission.

The Reverend Lester Heinzman will hold a memorial service for Terry at the Mission Chapel, 1050 West Amador, on Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.

Terry served our community as Mission Manager from 1995 until he suffered his fourth stroke last November. He was slowly regaining his speech and physical skills through weekly therapy, but chronic congestive heart failure seems to have brought his life on earth to an end. Those who worked with him at the mission will sorely miss him. There are countless homeless whose lives were also blessed by knowing him.

Five children now living in Aurora, Colorado, and a brother who resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, survive him.

Final arrangements by Baca's Funeral Chapel are pending."

Terry's brother in Oklahoma writes, "My b…

William Jasper Puckett and Annie Lewis Puckett

William Jasper Puckett, II and Annie Lewis Puckett

This picture of William Jasper and Annie was painted on a thick cardboard in 1931 by Heirlooms, Inc., in Ohio from a camera photo taken in the early 1920s, making Annie 44 years old at the time.

One of the first contacts I had with my great-grandfather, Harvey Vandegar Puckett's, distant family members was with Rita Rascoe Jones, who lived in Orange, Texas, at the time. Rita was from Many, Louisiana, the birthplace of my great-grandfather and his siblings. William Jasper, II was Harvey's nephew, his older brother being William Jasper, I. At the time Rita contacted me I had no knowledge of this brother. In fact, my notes from my grandmother only included threeboys, Harvey Vandegar, Charles Rufus, and Travis Austin. As it turned out, several of my 2nd cousins and aunts and uncles knew there were other siblings.

I never will forget Rita's email - she said Thank goodness! I have been searching for these three brothers for years! …