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Stone Photographs and the Hill Country

Eusibous Dillard Tilford Back of postcard identifying Mr and Mrs DT Stone
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Stone

Eusibous Dillard Tilford "Sib" Stone 1868-1921
Ina Mable Griffith

This past weekend I was in the enviable position of being in the Hill Country! As any of you know who has visited this part of Texas it is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Spring is the time most people enjoy going, but I think it is fantastic in any season. The highways through the rolling hills and small towns take you to places you'll always remember and to which you want to return.

I was not in the Hill Country this past weekend to enjoy the view, however. I made a side trip on my way home from Round Rock to the neat little town of Llano. I have had photographs in my possession for quite some time that belong to a distant cousin there, and since I was afraid they might have gotten lost in the mail I took them with me in the hopes we could go through Llano at the end of this trip.

I delivered the pictures and now they are at home in their proper place. My cousin who let me borrow them is in the Stone family. We wanted to share our common ancestry knowledge and try to identify some of those in the Mystery photos. I'm posting them here in the hopes someone may be able to tell us who they are. I'm also posting those we do know that were in the same box of photographs.

Cecil Zeno Holt Aug 1913 with CalfCecil Zeno Holt with a Favorite Calf - August 1913
Grandson of D. T. and Ina Stone
Father of Cecil Holt of Llano, Texas

Jack Stone, son of DT and Ina StoneJack Stone Son of D. T. and Ina Stone
Uncle of Cecil Zeno Holt

Back of picture identifying Jack Stone by Creek

Cecil Zeno HoltCecil Zeno Holt
Son of Georgia Norma Stone and Cecil Claude Holt
Grandson of
D. T. and Ina Stone

Cecil Claude and son Cecil Zeno HoltCecil Holt on right with son, Zeno Holt, and unidentified Stone gentleman.

Ina Stone with nephew Chock Stone and familyCharlie "Chock" Stone, 3rd from right, son of Tom & Rosie Stone
Ina Griffith Stone far right, aunt of Chock

Chock Stone with cousin Cecil Claude Holt and son Cecil Zeno HoltChock Stone, 3rd from right
1st cousin by marriage, Cecil Claude Holt and son, Cecil Zeno Holt

Stone Family Group includes children of Woodson Johnson Stone and Martha Criss Ann Pritchard StoneSTONE FAMILY
Children of Woodson Johnson Stone & Martha Criss Ann Pritchard
William Ennis Berlin "Bill" Stone
Martha Eveline Bethany Stone
John Nathanial Cubin Stone
Sara Jane Stone
Elijah Thomas Yowen "Tom" Stone
Eusibous Dillard Tilford "Sib" Stone or D. T.
Harvey Henry Lafayette "Harve" Stone
Woodson Albert Munroe Stone

I have more photographs in this box of pictures that I will post soon. If anyone recognizes these individuals, I'd love to talk to you. You may email me at


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