Friday, September 18, 2009

The West Begins in West Texas

West Texas Postcard for Festival of Postcards Carnival
TX 4 The West Begins in West Texas

My selection for this month's Festival of Postcards: Quadrupeds is pretty self-explanatory. The eight cowboys depicted here were probably from my hometown and they probably just got through riding in a parade down Oak Street or Hubbard. We had the most wonderful parades when I was a young girl. There was always a great turnout, the schools participated and every club and business in town took part. Our high school band wore western uniforms and they looked great. The horses and cowboys such as the ones in this postcard took first place, as far as I was concerned. The Texas Rangers always made a dramatic appearance.

Notice the cacti in the background between the first and second horsemen? There would have been more of them ~ guess they were just over the hill!

Postcardy: the postcard explorer
shared different types of postcards in her post submitted last month in the Festival of Postcards with the theme, Water. I believe my entry this month falls in the category of linen postcards from 1933 until the early 1950s. If you are interested in collecting and identifying vintage postcards, her blog is a must-read. Check out the post, View Postcard Types.
This postcard is in my small collection of memorabilia from my hometown.
Actual Size:
5 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches
14 cm. x 9 cm.
Back of Card:
A "Colourpicture" Publication, Boston 15, Mass., U. S. A.
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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault
is hosting this Festival of Postcards. She shares her Canadian Family’s Vintage Postcard Collection and encourages the use of postcards in the field of family history.


Janice Tracy said...

Great postcard, Judy! Your hometown of Mineral Wells should be so proud of the wonderful postcards you have posted on your blog.

Sioux said...

Hi. I am your newest friend on Flickr. I live in Mineral Wells and do genealogy. Perhaps we know each other?

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi Janice!
Thanks for your sweet comments. These cards are pretty plentiful around and about Mineral Wells, but I feel lucky to have some of them.

We still to plan that trip to the Dallas Library sometime soon.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hello, Sioux!

I recognized your name from high school and also some of the articles your've written about Palo Pinto County.

I graduated in 1962 in the class just behind you. Although I haven't lived there since 1964 I have close ties there with family members. Most of them are gone now, however. Would love to meet you (again) sometime and just chat. I am very addicted to genealogy and right now am involved with the 50 Year Club as their newly appointed historian. It's turning out to be quite a job!

Thanks for writing me. I love your jewelry, by the way!


Sheila said...

They do look as though they've been in a parade - all well dressed. Texas fascinates me from afar - I have a few postcards from your state and most seem to show cowboys.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks, Sheila, I love YOUR postcards. It is nice to know that Texas holds a fascination for so many. Course, there are other things than cowboys ~ but they are a favorite of mine!

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