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Two Stone Brothers

Edsel Luther Stone age 16 Hastings OK
Edsel Luther Stone
February 7, 1917 - August 17, 1935
Age 16
Hastings, Oklahoma
Son of Annie Mae Groom and Henry Luther Stone
Brother of Raymond Reginald Stone, Wendall Leon Stone, and Celeste Audean Stone

The following was written by Edsel's aunt Rena, sister of his father, Henry Luther Stone.
Rena Stone Phillips born April 6, 1907 and died May 15, 2001

Two Stone Brothers

by Rena Stone Phillips

You have all read the story of many others, of how they lived and died; but here is the life of two brothers, and the tragedy of the older.

To compare them together, they were as two little flowers. They grew up together, both side by side. They started to school together, and were pals all along the way. Through their school days and work they were side by side until they had finished so well, the old Junior High. Then there came a change in their lives, Raymond clung to the study of books and of school while Edsel to that of hard work and outdoor life. Raymond learned easy in school, but Edsel loved music. Edsel was determined to learn music, and well he had learned. Like a bird he would sing and play on his old guitar. Still young Raymond would read his school books, the papers and magazines of the world. He liked to read stories and news of old days.

The two in size were as little twins. For sport they would box and wrestle together. Raymond was forever with his turkeys and chickens while Edsel was with his horses and dog. As they grew up more, they purchased a horse and some cows. The two were always partners in all their business affairs.

As time passed by and the two grew older, although they were still just youngsters, they, like all other boys, had a desire for a car. With the determination in their minds, they set out to accomplish their desire. Happy as birds the two were when their task they had won. But oh, how sad was the tragedy of the two brothers - like a flower chopped from the side of another, dear Edsel’s life was snatched from the side of his brother. The two were side by side in their car without any warning or fear, but true as the stars up above, dear Edsel was taken from us all.

Like that of Jimmie Rodgers, Edsel leaves his old guitar, his harp, and his dog. They, too, will mourn for his coming, just like his friends. He has gone on before and left this old world, but we will all remember his smile and jolly, good ways. He was kind to all things when others were not.

Young Raymond is left without Edsel to help. He will find all tasks much harder than before. Dear Edsel’s life is ended on earth. No one knows what he would have accomplished if only his life could have been spared.

Now, Raymond, we hope when your life is over, that it is not such a tragedy as that of your brother. And there is the little band of music that Edsel played with; it will never be complete for no other can take the place of our Edsel. His words of advice to his Daddy the day he was killed we shall never forget. So teasing was he to his Mother and the family, that seldom did he come in without a big joke. And so grateful and good was he to his grandmother, that never can we forget that smile that he wore. The baby, too, that Edsel loved so well keeps watching for him, but no more he comes. So well it would be, if Edsel only knew, like the God up in heaven of the old broken hearts.

the story of Edsel Luther Stone

Born 1917 - Died 1935

- Edsel was killed in a car wreck in 1935. Raymond was with him. He turned over a 1928 Ford Cabrolet sports model, hard top coupe. He had traded a cow for the car. They were going to a carnival west of Walters, and thought that they could not be out-run. J.C. Cunningham’s sisters and their boy friends were behind them. Edsel decided not to let them pass. They were going to pass anyway. They started around, met another car, so they cut in front of Edsel. The back of their car hit Edsel’s car and knocked it out of control. Edsel hit the back of the oncoming car and turned his car upside down in a bar-ditch.

There were just fifteen months' difference in the ages of Edsel and Raymond. They were always very close and did everything together. They were the best of friends as well as brothers.

Stone Family swimming near Frederick OK

Stone Family, Frederick, Oklahoma, Circa 1932

Woodson Albert Munroe Stone & Martha Isabelle Brooks Stone Family near Frederick, Oklahoma

From left: Unknown woman, unknown child, Annie Mae Groom Stone, 1898-1994, Cloe Conley Stone, Almer Munroe Stone, 1901-1982, three unknown children, Benjamin Reginald Groom, 1897- (brother of Annie Mae Groom Stone), Rena Stone Phillips, 1907-2001, Joe E. Phillips, -2000, Dorothy, Raymond Reginald Stone, 1919-2002 (standing back right),

Front middle, Henry Luther Stone, 1897-1960, and Edsel Luther Stone, 1917-1935 (front right).

Read more about Raymond and Edsel's lives at my post "As I Remember It" .


Stone, Edsel Luther, Digital Photograph, 2009. Privately held by Judith Richards Shubert, Fort Worth, TX. 2009. Original photo belonging to Linda Kay Stone Cox.

Stone Family, Frederick, Oklahoma. Digital Photograph, 2009. Privately held by Judith Richards Shubert, Fort Worth, TX, 2009. Original photo belonging to Linda Kay Stone Cox.


kbea831 said...

It sounds like his aunt Rena wrote the story soon after Edsel's death and I'm sure the family appreciates having it. So many of those young lives forever impacted by what they thought was a moment of fun.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks, Kay. Yes, I believe their aunt Rena did a wonderful thing for the family (then and now) by writing this story. I'm sure it was appreciated when she wrote it, as it is treasured now by the next generations.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Fine writing obviously carries through the generations in your family.
I'm glad you shared this story with us - and it shows how wonderful the internet can be as a place where we can spread our memories so that they live on.
Thank you,
Evelyn in Montreal

Jean B. Duncan said...

How touching! The story proves again how important siblings can be to each other and how losing one can affect people in the future as well as the present. I will remember this tomorrow when I spend the afternoon with my sister!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thank you so much, Evelyn and Jean. Your comments mean so much to me.

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