Sunday, June 7, 2009

Smiles from the Attic

Smith Stan and Peggy Wedding Congratulations Card Collection page 1
Wedding Congratulations Card Collection
September 30, 1967

Smith Stan and Peggy Wedding Congratulations Card Collection page 2
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You can actually see the glitter on the cards!

When footnote Maven announced the theme for the 14th Edition of Smile for the Camera, I knew there were several wedding pictures in my family box of treasures, but I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted to use. I first searched my Family Tree Maker files to see if I had any marriages that had occurred in June. There were a few but most of those were ancestors I did not have photographs of, or I knew little if anything about.

Then my sister's ex-husband found a box of cards and letters in the attic of the house where they had lived for many years. Sadly, the house was being prepared for destruction due to damages done during Hurricane Ike. He and his wife thought Peggy might like to go through the box to see if there was anything she might like to have.

She invited me over one Saturday and we sat down and laughed and smiled at all the memories we found hidden in that box. When she began to pull out cards they had received from friends and family congratulating them on their marriage, I quickly grabbed them and knew eventually I would want to use them somewhere. I scanned the cards, inside and out, and saved them for just such an event as "Smile for the Camera".

I hope you will enjoy my scrapbook pages, and even though they are no longer together, I feel the joy and love captured in the images of these cards was a part of their young lives that is forever a part of their history.

Wedding Photos Mildred Smith Hicks Richards and DaughtersWedding Photo Collage
Mildred Smith Hicks Richards
and Daughters
Judy Shubert, Sue Breakall, Peggy Duke, Angie Pruett

I couldn't let this Wedding Belles edition of Smile for the Camera pass without including a scrapbook page of photographs of my sisters and me on our wedding day surrounding the very beautiful one taken of our sweet mother, Mildred. Mildred's picture was taken around 1942, Judy's in 1964, Peggy's in 1967, Sue's was in 1968, and Angie's was made in 1986.

Smile For The Camera, 14th Edition

The word prompt for the 14th Edition of Smile For The Camera is Wedding Belles. Historically, couples married in the month of June to honor Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Others did it to time conception so births wouldn't interfere with harvest work. And brides in the 15th century chose to marry in June because it coincided with their "annual bath" - that's right - ensuring a relatively sweet-smelling honeymoon. Show us a photograph of a wedding, a wedding party, a bride, a groom, the reception, or even the honeymoon. Bring them to the carnival and share. Admission is free with every photograph!


Janet Iles said...

I very much like the scrapbook pages you did. I couldn't leave a comment because the word verification would not display.

Robbin Bower said...

Oh how adorable you all are. So glad to see these wonderful pics of you and your Mother and sisters.
Pretty neat stuff.

Kay Bauman said...

"Very cool! I need to learn more about Photoshop, is that what you use?"

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Yes, I did these with Photoshop. Am just learning though. I was bummed out when I realized I didn't have Photoshop Elements 7 which the Scrapbooking tutorials were suggesting. Mine is just Photoshop 7. But it worked great. Maybe not as easily. But you should give it a try.

Peggy Duke said...

This is beautiful, Judy. I should bring over the photos I pulled out of the box today and let you work your magic!!

Kay Cox said...

I love this! What a great job you did. We must talk!!!

Bill West said...

Those pages are amazing! It you are
"just learning",I can't wait to see
what you do when you've finished

Judith Richards Shubert said...

That's so nice, Bill. You, too, LKay. It's been fun. Now I think I'll take a class. Need to learn how to repair some of those old family photos!

Jasia said...

Your scrapbook pages are terrific, Judith! Great job! I love 'em :-)

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