Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mystery Photos from Stone, Gailey, or Puckett Families

Written on the back of this postcard photograph is "Mrs. Risley Ola Velan Mother's sister on right side on left Mrs. Bailey"
Written underneath this are the words "Baby Phipps and Rena Chisum".

This could be my Aunt Irene Gailey Stone's handwriting or her mother's, Edna Puckett Gailey.

I tend to think it is Edna's (my grandmother's) but I do not have her mother's family names. The clues on the back of this post card photograph will be a great help, I believe, in identifying the place this picture holds in our family.

This picture and the rest of them in this post were found in a small box of pictures in my uncle, Raymond Stone's, desk after his death in 2002.

I am not sure of what it says on the back of this postcard photograph with the baby and the chickens. It looks like: "Baby may daulton" but I'm not sure.

There is nothing written on the back of this postcard photograph. Do you think it could be the mother of the child with the chickens?

Again, nothing written on the back of this photograph. "That Man Amos" is embossed on the front in the lower right hand corner.

I have more of these mystery photos from the same box that I will place on my blog in the next day or two.

I'm hoping someone will recognize the individuals in these photographs and will contact me. The family surnames linked to them are Stone, Gailey, Puckett, Brooks, Brock, Cook, Pritchard, Ames, Morris, Smith, Riedel, Cornelius.


Linda Kay said...

Sorry I can't help, but the picture of the two little kids has to be a picture of someone in the Stone family. Just look at their mouths. We all have mouths like that.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

They do like the babies in your family, don't they?

Greta Koehl said...

Well, I always have to examine your mystery photos, but no one looks familiar in any of these. Oh, well...

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