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Woodson Johnson Stone Family

Woodson Johnson Stone Family
This photo of the Woodson Johnson Stone family belongs to the family of Raymond Reginald Stone, who resided in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas at the time of his death in 2002. Raymond, a descendant of Woodson J. Stone, said that his mother gave him the picture many years ago. At the time, Raymond did not get the information regarding the identities of the people in the photo. He told me that he was sure that it was a picture of Woodson and his brothers and sisters. He believed that Woodson is one of the men on the right side of the picture, but did not know for sure which one.Woodson J. Stone was the son of William Tilford Stone. He was born July 20, 1817 in Galena, Stone Co, Missouri, and died August 3, 1888 in Malakoff, Henderson Co., Texas. His first wife was Mable P. Hurley. He later married Martha Criss Ann Pritchard who was born September 1, 1826.

Charles H. Richards Appears in Republic-era Documents

I knew my ancestor, Charles Harrison Richards, was a volunteer in the Texas Army and was supposed to have died after falling from a horse in the streets of San Augustine in 1839. So I began my search in the Texas State Library Archives.
Ever since I learned the identity of my 3rd-great-grandfather, I have been curious about him and his life. Other descendants have written about him, how he left his home in Blount Springs, Alabama, with his young family and came to Texas, settling in the East Texas area around San Augustine and Shelby County. They wrote that he served as a volunteer in the Texas struggle for independence in 1836 and he died in the streets of San Augustine in 1838. In the Autobiography of Phillip Wade Hampton Richards, Mr. Richards states, “My father’s father was Charles Richards, was raised in Alabama, but came to Texas May 1833; was in the Mexican War, with Sam Houston; was killed by a horse on the streets of old San Augustine in 1838.”
Often that is all the informat…

The Harbour of Tripoli - Postcard Friendship Friday

The Harbour

Sat. 31 Aug 68
I haven't seen anything like this yet. Maybe it's around here somewhere.
I got in late last night. Met Sgt. Tomson today.
Everything OK, except it's hot and humid as hell.
I don't have a box number yet - will let you know.
Found the bankbook inside an envelope inside another envelope.
Love, Eddie

A Stars and Stripes Card

This card was written and mailed to my mother, Vernelle Gailey Rowbury in 1968 from Libya by my stepfather, Eddie Rowbury. He left the states for his tour of Libya, leaving mother with me and my husband and son in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She waited until base housing was available before leaving to join him.

The card was mailed to Mrs. Vernelle Rowbury, 3500 Oak St., Apt. 3, Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 and is in a scrapbook belonging to me, Judith Richards Shubert.

Participate in Postcard Friendship Friday
hosted by
Marie Reed
Cpaphil Vintage Postcards

"As I Remember It" by Raymond R. Stone

I, Raymond Reginald Stone, was born May 16, 1919 at Hastings, Oklahoma (JeffersonCounty), the second son of Henry Luther and Annie May Stone. I had one brother older than me, Edsel Luther Stone, one sister younger than me, Celesta Audean Stone, and one brother younger than me, Wendell Leon Stone. My brother, Edsel, died in 1935 and my sister, Audean, died in 1987.

Early in my life we moved from Hastings to a farm about five miles west in CottonCounty. It was about halfway between Hastings and Temple, Oklahoma. This is where we lived when I started to school at PleasantRidgeSchool, District Six. I was five years old. You see, in 1924 when Edsel was six years old and was ready to start to school Mama and Daddy made me start to school with him so he wouldn’t have to start by himself. When Edsel failed to pass the third grade Mama and Daddy made me stay in the third grade with him. We spent two years in the third grade!

We lived two miles from the schoolhouse and we had to walk both ways …

April Lorier, Christian Author and Poet, Shares Views About Miss California USA

A dear friend of mine, author and poet, April Lorier, shares insights on issues for women, God and being a Christian woman on her blog, "God Woman". She has written a post about the recent controversy surrounding Miss California. I have linked it here if you would like to read it. I hope you will.

Publish Post Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA

God Woman April Lorier: Miss California Gives Honest Answer and Loses USA Crown Source:

Mystery Photos from Stone, Gailey, or Puckett Families

Written on the back of this postcard photograph is "Mrs. Risley Ola Velan Mother's sister on right side on left Mrs. Bailey"
Written underneath this are the words "Baby Phipps and Rena Chisum".

This could be my Aunt Irene Gailey Stone's handwriting or her mother's, Edna Puckett Gailey.

I tend to think it is Edna's (my grandmother's) but I do not have her mother's family names. The clues on the back of this post card photograph will be a great help, I believe, in identifying the place this picture holds in our family.

This picture and the rest of them in this post were found in a small box of pictures in my uncle, Raymond Stone's, desk after his death in 2002.

I am not sure of what it says on the back of this postcard photograph with the baby and the chickens. It looks like: "Baby may daulton" but I'm not sure.

There is nothing written on the back of this postcard photograph. Do you think it could be the mother of the child with t…

Soups from "The Pilgrim Cookbook"

The Pilgrim Cookbook
published byThe Ladies’ Aid SocietyofPilgrim Ev. LutheranChurchCuyler Avenue and N. Lincoln StreetCHICAGO, ILL.

Containing nearly 700 carefully tested recipesThis Book may be obtained fromMrs. H. C. STEINHOFF,1840 Cuyler Avenue, Chicago, Ill.Price: 75 centsPostage: 5 to 12 Cents, according to Zone

Cream of Green Bean SoupCook cut beans and 2 good-sized potatoes till tender; strain, saving water. Take out potatoes and mash them. Brown 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon lard, add a little flour, the water in which beans were cooked, potatoes, beans and 1 cup cream.—Mrs. A. Piepho.
Beef SoupTake about 1 1/2 pounds lean chuck and 1 pound smoked butt, cover with water and boil about two hours. Then add 2 large carrots diced, 1 large German celery root or celeriac, 1 large German parsley root, 1 large stalk leek, and boil 1 hour more; salt to taste. Boil dried peas separately, flavor with sweet marjoram and add to soup just before serving. Navy beans may be used if pr…

Red Rooster Drive-In for Postcard Friendship Friday

Red Rooster Drive-In
Alamogordo, N. Mex.

This new modern drive in and dining room is located on U.S. Highway 54 & 70 a few blocks from downtown Alamogordo, N. Mex. Stop to eat at a place that has become famous in the Southwest for their fine food. Whether you want a snack - full dinner - Spanish or American meals - they are sure to please. Your choice of either Snappy Car Service or Dining Room Service in a friendly modern atmosphere awaits you.

Card S24787 "Published by F. J. Shaaf, Alamogordo, New Mexico"

"This is where we ate, & (and) off to the right is the courts we stayed at, the Manager let the boys use swim trunks & (and) stay in the pool until ten."

This delightful "Red Rooster Drive-In" postcard is in the scrapbook and pictures belonging to my grandmother, Edna Alice Puckett Gailey. I'm not sure of the handwriting. At first I thought it was my grandmother's, but I'm not sure. The boys that are mentioned were probably my 1st c…

My DNA Sample and Genealogical Pedigree

Just wanted to let you know that I have submitted my DNA sample to the Sorenson lab in Salt Lake. I mailed it March 25, 2009 so it may be a long time before mine shows up on the website.

The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is conducting a research study designed "to create a large database of combined genetic and genealogical information. The primary purpose of the database is to link molecular genetic information with written pedigrees." The study "will use molecular testing methods to determine how individuals and populations are genetically related." The database is available to the public on the SMGF website and should be useful in searching for genealogical information.

The instructions information sheet said "DNA will be extracted from your cells and a genetic profile created. The genetic profile derived from your DNA together with your genealogical pedigree (that I submitted along with DNA) will be placed into t…