Saturday, February 28, 2009

Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

From Craig Manson at GeneaBlogie:

Graig says "I started this with a note on Facebook and it was suggested that it would make a good meme for bloggers. The idea is to publicize your surnames and locales to see if anyone else knows something about them."

Craig says to "List the surnames you are researching and the general localities. Then tell the names of your “Most Wanted Ancestors,” that is, the ones you most want to find behind that brick wall. (You can tag people if you want; I’ve chosen not to do that here so that all readers are included). Let’s see your lists; maybe we can each help someone out!"

So I have added the surnames that are most directly related to me that I am researching. I also took Thomas MacEntee's lead at Destination: Austin Family when he said "I have been "particular with the formatting of the information below and use ________ Surname hoping this will allow more people using Google and other search engines to find my post. Also I am using _______ County for the same reasons." Thank you, Craig and Thomas, for such good suggestions.

Surnames of Judith Richards Shubert

RICHARDS Surname: Texas (Shelby County, Erath County, San Augustine County) Alabama (Blount County) Wales, Great Britain

HOMSLEY (HOMESLEY) Surname: Texas (Parker County) Tennessee (Hardin County) England

CONWAY Surname: Texas (Parker County, Shelby County)

SAPP Surname: Georgia (Richmond County) Texas (Shelby County) Maryland (Calvert County)

KING Surname: Tennessee (Rhea County)

RAINEY Surname: Tennessee (Hardin County) Texas (Parker County)

GAILEY Surname: Texas (Parker County) Georgia (Hall County, Habersham County) South Carolina (Laurens County) Northern Ireland

BROCK Surname: Texas (Parker County) Georgia (Gordon County) North Carolina (Buncombe County)

ELAM Surname: Texas (Rusk County, Parker County) South Carolina (Spartanburg County)

STAMPS Surname: Georgia

PUCKETT Surname: Indiana or Kentucky, Louisiana (Sabine Parish) Texas (Hunt County, Parker County) Oklahoma (McClain County)

COOK Surname: Louisiana (Sabine Parish)

SMITH Surname: Arkansas (Arkansas County)

ROWBURY Surname: England, Utah (Sanpete County) Idaho (Bingham County)

The two ancestors I would really, really like to find are my great-great-grandparents, C. Richard Puckett and Polly Brooks Puckett. Many of us have been searching for their place of burial for several years. Richard was born in 1826 in either Indiana or Kentucky. He died around 1901 probably in Hunt County, Texas. My grandmother said his father's name was Bill. Polly was born around 1836 probably in Jasper County, Texas and died between 1900 - 1907 in Hunt County, Texas.

The 1900 Hunt County, Texas Census, Precinct 3 lists Polly (Mary) in the home of one of her sons and daughter-in-laws, Charles Rufus Puckett and Lula Bennett Puckett as a widow. This was in the later days of her life. This might indicate that she is buried in Hunt County. This research was done and given to me by a 3rd cousin, Rita Rascoe Jones, of Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

Maybe this post will find its way to someone who can help us with this puzzling piece of my history!


Debbie said...

I keep thinking that we are going to find some relatives in common since we both have Texas ties. Some of my collateral line Blantons moved from Cass Co. to Parker Co., but I don't see any common surnames.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

I know what you mean. Well, I didn't put quite a few surnames in my list, because I was getting tired and it seemed overkill. But between Shubert and me, we have a lot of names we could research ~ as I know it's the same with you and all other researchers! I'll be looking at your blog closely to see if one pops up.

Louisiana Genealogy Blogs said...

I linked to your surnames today and highlighted Debbie's post on Mansfield. I have a few Smith's in my lines, too.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi Lou!
The Smith's in my line are my step-mother's father's line. Her father was Murray Cord Smith, a Methodist preacher born in DeWitt, Arkansas, born Jan. 1892, died in Erath Co., TX, June 1962. Her mother was Mary Childers, born Aug 25, 1897.

Pamela Gee said... is a link to book of Rowbury histories.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thank you so much, Pamela Gee, for leaving this link. I am very interested in the Rowburys and plan on purchasing this book that you have mentioned as soon as possible.

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