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Great-grandfather Jim Gailey Mentioned in "Kissin' Kin"

James Newton "Jim" Gailey
Born May 24, 1869 in Clermont, Hall County, Georgia
Died April 30, 1930 in Parker County, Texas
Buried in Brock Cemetery, Brock, Parker County, Texas

My great-grandfather was mentioned in this faded newspaper article sent to me by a cousin who lives in Aledo, Texas. At the time Jim and Eleanor Brock Gailey lived in the community of Newberry in Parker County. I do not know the date of the column written by Evlyn Broumley but it was published in The Weatherford Democrat.


Around the county from The Weekly Herald, Thursday, May 22, 1924:

"Newberry: Farmers of the community belonging to the Newberry Truck Growers Association met Thursday night with their families at the schoolhouse. Geo Newberry, president presiding. Jim Gaily was elected salesman and Leonard Newberry grader of the watermelon crops. Ice cream and cake were served after the meeting to the members that came from Davis, Grindstone and Brock. Mrs. A.R. Doss and babies, Evelyn and Katherine, left last Tuesday for Bennets to care for Mrs. W.A. Reasoner, who is real sick. There will be an all day singing and dinner on the ground here Sunday, June 1st.

"Bethel Hill: Uncle Josh Lynch and family entertained family and friends Monday with a big dinner given in honor of Uncle Josh's birthday. Good time had by all. J.R. McNally and family entertained relatives this past week from Jacksboro. J.G. Hardin is still confined to his home with a broken ankle from about two weeks ago.

"Whitt: The grader crew is at work on our road now leading to the county line this side of Gibtown for which we give thanks. Miss Addie Pike of Abilene is here visiting her uncle, M.O. Pate. Ross Garland has been called to the bedside of his brother who is critically ill in Fort Worth. We will have a graveyard working here Saturday and trust we will have enough hands to do the necessary work."

Evlyn Broumley's column, "Kissin' Kin," appears Sundays in the Life section.

Send inquiries to Evlyn Broumley, c/o The Weatherford Democrat, 512 Palo Pinto St., Weatherford, Texas 76086.


Janice Tracy said...

What a find, Judy! Aren't these old newspaper articles such wonderful sources of family information?

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Yes, Janice, they are. I've learned since transcribing this quite some time ago that I should scan or photograph it and actually download the picture on my blog. Wonder if I can go to the right file folder in my cabinet and find it???

Cheryle Hoover Davis said...

This is quite the find, Judy, I agree! Loved reading this!

Andrea Christman said...

I am so glad to hear that an experienced researcher a) wonders if they can put their hands on something that they know they have and b)wishes they would have done something differently after they learned more!!! LOL!
Great story; I enjoyed reading it!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Oh, I have you girls buffaloed! (As we say in Texas.) Experienced....well, I don't know about that. But I have been dabbling in it a long time.

Your comment made me laugh out loud, Andrea. You made my day! Thanks.

tipper said...

How very neat! Amazing what you can find when you start digging.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tipper! Yes, it's always a little surprising when you find something unexpected.

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