Monday, February 9, 2009

Dressed in their Christmas Finery

The word prompt for the 10th Edition of Smile For The Camera is Costume? No, not as in Halloween. Costume as in dress in general; especially the distinctive style of dress of a people, class, or period. Show us that picture that you found with your family collection or purchased that shows the costumes of the rich to the not so rich, from the civil war to the psychedelic sixties. I know you have them, so share. Admission is free with every photograph!

Grace Amanda Gailey, James Dolphus "Doc" Gailey
Nelllie Mae Gailey
Circa 1908

I think this is a precious little picture! My grandfather, James Dolphus "Doc" Gailey, is the oldest sibling, shown here with Grace Amanda Gailey (Cornelius) and Nellie Mae Gailey (Tudor). They were born in Parker County, Texas in 1898, 1900, and 1903 respectively.

It looks as if Aunt Grace, Doc, and Aunt Nell may be posing with their Christmas presents. I especially like the boots that they all are wearing, the little dresses sewn just alike with doll's in their finery, as well. My Grandpa's little suit looks just right to me. I'm not sure whether he plans to hunt squirrel or rabbit. When he grew up he spent hours fox hunting - without guns - but with dogs.

I can just imagine my Grandmother Eleanor dressing the children up for the photographer. They don't look too happy. She must have been in the foreground admonishing them to stand still!


Amy (WeTree) said...

You're right, that is a precious picture. Thanks for sharing it.

Janice Tracy said...

What a sweet picture, Judy.

Becky Jamison said...

Awwwww! What an adorable picture. I'm so glad you let us see it!

Gini said...

What a wonderful photo Judy, I would love to know what the children were thinking! Thank you for sharing.

Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

I must admit when I saw the little girls they reminded me of dolls! Yes, my mother dressed my sisters and myself alike when I was a little girl. When my children were younger I admit, I dressed my daughters alike and my sons alike as well. It made it much easier to find them should "I" have become lost and needed to find them! Thanks for sharing friend.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

All of you are so sweet. Thanks for your encouraging comments and thanks so much for enjoying my picture.

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