Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Unidentified Family Members with Harvey & Alice Puckett

This picture was sent to me by that same cousin in Chickasha, Oklahoma whom I spoke of in the previous post. I was able to identify some of the family.

That is my great-grandfather, Harvey Vandegar Puckett, on the left and great-grandmother, Alice Cook Roberts Puckett standing to the right of him. That's my grandmother, Edna Alice Puckett Gailey, third from the right standing behind her twins, Vernelle and Maedelle. Her other daughter, Irene, MAY be the other little girl and I don't know who the little boy is.

My cousin wrote: Judy, I am so glad that you could identify all those others in the photo! Yes, I recognized Uncle Harve and Aunt Alice, but had no idea as to the others. Also, if I am not mistaken, they are all standing in front of "The Millsap House"!

Did you do the double enlargement on this picture?

When you do, it looks like the man second from the end on the right might be Ballard and even though it is very fuzzy and unclear the man on the end on the right may be William Jasper Puckett, who is Harvey Vandegar’s brother!

If the man second from the end is Ballard, then one of the unknown ladies might be Sadie Conley Puckett! Don't know for sure, but the man in the back center of the picture might be Uncle Rufe. Maybe this was a family get-together and, if that is so, then the other unknown lady could be Lula!

A granddaughter of William Jasper II, of Many, Louisiana wrote: “Judy, I can tell the first two men from the left are Puckett men, the last one does look like William Puckett, no. 2, but he died in 1934, I believe this picture was taken after that.

Judy: My mother, Vernelle, was born in 1921, and she doesn't look very old in this photo. So maybe the man on the end IS your grandfather, William Jasper Puckett II. Mother would have been 12 when he died. She's only 4 or 5, I would guess, in this picture.

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