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Dimit from Ashland Lodge, No. 604

Ray Allen Shubert and Marilee Davis Shubert
at Bob & Judy's wedding
April 4, 1964
Shortly after moving back to Nashville from Ashland City, Tennessee 

I have found many tombstones with the symbols of Freemasons in cemeteries where I have trekked looking for an ancestor or just visiting in order to take pictures for my cemetery blogs, Cemeteries with Texas Ties and Cemeteries of the Covered Bridges. They are varied and beautiful, indicating that the person memorialized there was a member of the Freemasons during his lifetime.

Since Dan Brown's books, "Da Vinci Code" and "Demons and Angels", were published in 2006 there has been a flurry of interest in the Masons. I've had questions about the institution's symbolism, philosophy, and history since then and have discovered several direct and collateral ancestors who were members of the Freemasons.

What I have been surprised to learn is that my late father-in-law was a Mason, but left the organization i…

Terrence Austin Puckett - January 20, 1940 - March 1, 2003

Terrence Austin Puckett
January 20, 1940 - March 1, 2003
Photo taken in 1960

"Terrence Austin Puckett, 62, of Las Cruces, died in his sleep Saturday, March 1, 2003 at the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission.

The Reverend Lester Heinzman will hold a memorial service for Terry at the Mission Chapel, 1050 West Amador, on Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.

Terry served our community as Mission Manager from 1995 until he suffered his fourth stroke last November. He was slowly regaining his speech and physical skills through weekly therapy, but chronic congestive heart failure seems to have brought his life on earth to an end. Those who worked with him at the mission will sorely miss him. There are countless homeless whose lives were also blessed by knowing him.

Five children now living in Aurora, Colorado, and a brother who resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, survive him.

Final arrangements by Baca's Funeral Chapel are pending."

Terry's brother in Oklahoma writes, "My b…

William Jasper Puckett and Annie Lewis Puckett

William Jasper Puckett, II and Annie Lewis Puckett

This picture of William Jasper and Annie was painted on a thick cardboard in 1931 by Heirlooms, Inc., in Ohio from a camera photo taken in the early 1920s, making Annie 44 years old at the time.

One of the first contacts I had with my great-grandfather, Harvey Vandegar Puckett's, distant family members was with Rita Rascoe Jones, who lived in Orange, Texas, at the time. Rita was from Many, Louisiana, the birthplace of my great-grandfather and his siblings. William Jasper, II was Harvey's nephew, his older brother being William Jasper, I. At the time Rita contacted me I had no knowledge of this brother. In fact, my notes from my grandmother only included threeboys, Harvey Vandegar, Charles Rufus, and Travis Austin. As it turned out, several of my 2nd cousins and aunts and uncles knew there were other siblings.

I never will forget Rita's email - she said Thank goodness! I have been searching for these three brothers for years! …

Two Early Birthday Greetings

My Sister Peggy Joy Richards
Born October 31, 1947
Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas
to Vernelle Gailey and Leon Fremont Richards

I am four years older and holding her in the top picture.

My Husband Robert Allen Shubert
Born October 31, 1942
Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee
to Marilee Davis and Ray Allen Shubert

Bob is the big brother of Leta and Bill, shown in photos with him.
They are at home in Nashville, Tennessee.
Bob is shown on his "3-wheeler" tricycle in the snow.

Scrapbook elements from Stone Accents Studio
Photographs property Judith Richards Shubert

Wordless Wednesday - to Grandma & Doc

"Happy Birthday"

Judith Gail Richards
Born October 14, 1943
Leon Fremont Richards & Vernelle Gailey
Nazareth Hospital
Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas

Scrapbooking Elements by Kubivet

Descendants of Woodson Johnson Stone - 3 Generations

1 [2] Woodson Johnson Stone 1817 – 1888b: July 20, 1817 in Galena, Stone Co, Missouri d: August 03, 1888 in Malakoff, Henderson Co., Texas.. +Mable Priscilla Hurley........ 2 [1] Elizabeth Stone 1839 – 1922............ +Joseph Samual Robert Manning 1841 - 1897................... 3 Charles A. Manning 1870 – 1900....................... +Wife // Crunk................... 3 Harve Elmer Manning 1873 - 1963 ....................... +Eva Davidson................... 3 Margaret May Manning 1876 – 1963....................... +Lee Lucas Fleming 1876 – 1955…......... *2nd Husband of [1] Elizabeth Stone:............ +William Carpenter........ 2 Caroline Stone 1842 - ............ +John L Frazier*2nd Wife of [2] Woodson Johnson Stone:.. +Martha Criss Ann Pritchard 1826 – 1899b: September 01, 1826 in Tennessee d: August 24, 1899 in Rush Springs, Oklahoma........ 2 William Ennis Berlin "Bill" Stone 1856 - ................... 3 Dewey Stone................... 3 Richard O. Stone..................…

Stone Family Photographs

Stone Family Gathering
Black haired man on right: Charlie "Chock" Stone
Man behind Chock: Almer Stone
Woman in Black to left of Chock: Rena Stone Phillips
Woman in black with bobbed hair: Annie Mae Groom Stone
Taller man behind Annie: Henry Luther Stone
1st small child to left in lap of older boy: Raymond Reginald Stone
4th boy from right: Edsel Luther Stone

Stone Family
2nd photo of Family Gathering
made at same time previous one
Notice the croquet mallet in the childrens' hands.
In the 1st photo older gentleman has one, too.
I believe he is possibly Eusibous Dillard Tilford "Sib" Stone.
Sib's wife, Ina Mae, is standing next to him in 1st photo, 2nd from left.
The older white-haired lady in the white dress could be his mother,
Martha Criss Ann Pritchard. Does anyone have any information on this?

Compare the people in the 1st and 2nd photos with the one below.

Woodson Johnson Stone Family
Picture owned and identified by Raymond Reginald Stone
Great-Grandson of Woods…

Stone Photographs and the Hill Country

Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Stone

Eusibous Dillard Tilford "Sib" Stone 1868-1921
Ina Mable Griffith

This past weekend I was in the enviable position of being in the Hill Country! As any of you know who has visited this part of Texas it is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Spring is the time most people enjoy going, but I think it is fantastic in any season. The highways through the rolling hills and small towns take you to places you'll always remember and to which you want to return.

I was not in the Hill Country this past weekend to enjoy the view, however. I made a side trip on my way home from Round Rock to the neat little town of Llano. I have had photographs in my possession for quite some time that belong to a distant cousin there, and since I was afraid they might have gotten lost in the mail I took them with me in the hopes we could go through Llano at the end of this trip.

I delivered the pictures and now they are at home in their proper place. M…

The West Begins in West Texas

TX 4 The West Begins in West Texas

My selection for this month's Festival of Postcards: Quadrupeds is pretty self-explanatory. The eight cowboys depicted here were probably from my hometown and theyprobablyjust got through riding in a parade down Oak Street or Hubbard. We had the most wonderful parades when I was a young girl. There was always a great turnout, the schools participated and every club and business in town took part. Our high school band wore western uniforms and they looked great. The horses and cowboys such as the ones in this postcard took first place, as far as I was concerned. The Texas Rangers always made a dramatic appearance.

Notice the cacti in the background between the first and second horsemen? There would have been more of them ~ guess they were just over the hill!

Postcardy: the postcard explorershared different types of postcards in her post submitted last month in the Festival of Postcards with the theme, Water. I believe my entry this month f…

Lover's Retreat - Near the Crazy Water Community of Mineral Wells, Texas

New Suspension Bridge
at Lover's Retreat
near Mineral Wells, Texas The South's Greatest Health Resort
According to the Famous Water Company's website, "In the early days of the resort era, the hotel life [in Mineral Wells] was very basic and centered around the waters, very few leisure or social activities were offered. The typical boarding house was a two-story structure, with rooms costing $7-$10 per week, and normally included three meals a day. Each well had a different activity, and visitors moved from well to well for entertainment. Most wells offered all you can drink water cards to be purchased for $1 a week. Games were very popular in the pavilions and boarding house lobbies, with the domino game '42' being the most popular. Over time social outings became a part of the cure. A daily routine would include morning baths and visits to friends ('calling'), afternoon drives and donkey rides, and evening balls and concerts. The town advertised walks to…

My Scrapbook - Four Generations of the Richards Family

Great-grandparents Joshua Hooper Richards and Elizabeth Sarah Conway
Grandparents John Robert Richards and Willie Laura Homsley
Parents Leon Fremont Richards and Vernelle Gailey
Judith Gail Richards

Joshua Hooper Richards was born April 21, 1861 in Shelby County, Texas and died February 25, 1939 in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas. On November 29, 1883 in Shelby County, he married Mary Elizabeth Saphrona Arbella Saria Conway. Some called her Lizzie and some called her Saria and her headstone says Elizabeth. She was born March 29, 1866 in Texas and died on December 01, 1939 in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas. They are both buried in Zion Hill Cemetery in Parker County north of Weatherford.

My grandparents Bob and Willie are buried in Whitt Cemetery in Parker County. John Robert "Bob" was born July 17, 1890 in Timpson, Shelby County, Texas and died January 24, 1975 in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas. He suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Willie Laura Homsley was born June …

Mineral Wells A Story About Change

Jessie Teddlie"Jessie volunteers to help community and county non-profits to obtain resources for programs to improve our city and county. She writes grants and foundation requests, plans fundraisers, works with city leaders and more to get assistance for youth, elderly, the homeless as well as leading the efforts for introducing and assisting potential local artists.

She is assisting in the renovation of 5 acres and three buildings with an outdoor amphitheater for use as a community used complex for events, an art center, a theater, and a museum. Her efforts have pulled together a partnership for change in Mineral Wells, Texas." Jessie is a member of my high school graduating class of 1962 and works tirelessly on the renovation project of the Old High School building, the Little Rock Schoolhouse and the Lillian Peak Home Economics Building, and the amphitheater all located in the heart of Mineral Wells. The amphitheater was built in 1937 by the WPA (Work Projects Administrati…

Alabama Governor Bob Riley responds to Concerns

Several bloggers have posted about the destruction of an Indian Mound in Oxford, Alabama. See mine below at Indian Mound Destruction in Alabama. I took Ginger's suggestion and wrote to the City of Oxford and to Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama. I have not had a response from Oxford but I got a letter from the office of the Governor on Friday. It can be read below.


Sam's Club responds to Ginger. See her post at Deep Fried Kudzu.

July 13, 2009

Dear Mrs. Shubert,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your report of efforts to disturb or destroy an historic Native American Indian mound in Oxford, Alabama.

I have forwarded your comments to Mr. Frank White, Executive Director of the Alabama Historical Commission, for his review. I am confident that Mr. White and his staff will evaluate your concerns and take any appropriate or available action. Should you have additional comments or questions, please contact Mr. White at (334) 230-2642.

Again, I appreciate you sharing your concerns with m…

Indian Mound Destruction in Alabama

Terry Thornton, writer of Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi, has just made me aware of the destruction of an Indian Mound in Alabama. It is a sad situation that should be protested by all. Ginger who writes Deep Fried Kudzu first wrote about this "wanton destruction of our heritage" that Terry shared on his blog.

Ginger has placed links on her blog for you to go to in order to make your voice heard. It may be too late, however, to save this particular Indian Mound. Her post today with photographs indicate work is going forward to remove this sacred ground. But we can still protest, contact the city of Oxford and the governor of Alabama, Bob Riley! Share Ginger's post with others on your blog, tweet it, post it on your other social networks. I love the state of Alabama, but someone there has just gone too far!

Read Ginger's post and find the links at

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Crazy Sign over Bankhead Highway

Main Street Showing Crazy Sign
Mineral Wells, Texas
The most famous street marker in the south.
Showing the 80 foot neon sign of the world-famous Crazy Crystals.
Baker Hotel in background.

This most unique sign has been one of my most enduring childhood memories. I was born in 1943 and it was there at that time, I'm sure, because there are other postcards or photographs that have been dated 1940. I got married in 1964, moved to Tennessee with my husband of a year, visited my hometown several times during the 25 years I lived away from Texas, and sometime during that time the sign was removed. I was so sick when I discovered the sign gone. I suppose progress has a way of doing that to you!

There are many websites that tell the story of the healing mineral waters of my hometown of Mineral Wells and the many wells and spas that drew thousands of visitors seeking the rejuvenating powers of these waters. You will find the story of their discovery and the subsequent growth of the town very in…

Two Stone Brothers

Edsel Luther Stone
February 7, 1917 - August 17, 1935
Age 16
Hastings, Oklahoma
Son of Annie Mae Groom and Henry Luther Stone
Brother of Raymond Reginald Stone, Wendall Leon Stone, and Celeste Audean Stone

The following was written by Edsel's aunt Rena, sister of his father, Henry Luther Stone.
Rena Stone Phillips born April 6, 1907 and died May 15, 2001

Two Stone Brothersby Rena Stone Phillips You have all read the story of many others, of how they lived and died; but here is the life of two brothers, and the tragedy of the older.
To compare them together, they were as two little flowers. They grew up together, both side by side. They started to school together, and were pals all along the way. Through their school days and work they were side by side until they had finished so well, the old Junior High. Then there came a change in their lives, Raymond clung to the study of books and of school while Edsel to that of hard work and outdoor life. Raymond learned easy in school, but Edsel love…