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Robert Shoebird Born in South Carolina in 1805

According to the 1850 census Robert Shoebird was born in South Carolina in 1805 and married Lydia Reynolds, born in 1807 in South Carolina. The information given to the census taker may have been given by a child in the home. It listed the following children of Robert Shoebird and Lydia Reynolds and their age:

1850 Roane Co. Census, 248-259, P. ff 339, 30 Aug. 1850
SHOEBIRD, Robert, 45, Male, born SC
Lydia, 43, Female, born SC
Elizabeth, 15, Female, born TN
Nancy, 12, Female, born TN, Deaf
Fanny, 10, Female, born TN
Milton, 8, Male, born TN
Daniel, 6, Male, born TN
Margaret, 4, Female, born TN
Elvira, 1, Female, born TN

The birth year of all of Robert and Lydia Shoebird's children except Milton was calculated based on the above census information. Henry M.'s birth year was listed in Family Bible as 1839 which would have made him 11 on this census.

The Sevier County census of 1840 shows Robert Shubird on p. 188 and Charles Shubird on p. 184.
1840 Sevier Co. Census (No date or numbers noted.)
SHUBIRD, Robert, 30-40, b. 1800-1810
1 Female, 30-40, b. 1800-1810
1 Male, Under 5, b. 1835-1840
2 Females, Under 5, b. 1835-1840
2 Females, 5-10, b. 1830-1835
1 Male, 5-10, b. 1830-1835
2 Males, 10-15, b. 1825-1830

1860 ROANE CO. MORTALITY CENSUS SCHEDULE: A listing of deaths for the year ending 30 June 1860. Kingston City Library. Page 4, Entry 5: Rbt. Shubart, age 58, married, b. SC, d. Oct. (1859), Laborer, died of pneumonia after a 14 day illness.
Schubert and Wells Genealogy, written by W.B. Howerton Kingston, TN, September 1987

From Henry Mitchell Shubert's Civil War pension file which was obtained from the National Archives, Washington, D.C.: Sheet 14. Death Certificate Copy by L.B. Johnson, Registor, Dist. 47404. Henry M. Shubert, d. 1 June 1915, age 76 years. (2) Father's name: ROBERT SHUBERT. (3) Mother's maiden name: LYDIE REYNOLDS (4). Informant: Nancy Shubert.
Schubert and Wells Genealogy, written by W.B. Howerton Kingston, TN, September 1987

This Robert Shoebird is my husband, Robert "Bob" Allen Shubert's, 3rd great-grandfather. His son, Henry Mitchell Shubert, listed as Milton in the 1850 Census above, was Bob's 2nd great-grandfather.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Julie Elizabeth Martin - Oct 7, 1956 - Aug 23, 2008

She was so generous. I want to tell you about a gift she gave me last Christmas. One day during the holiday season the UPS truck pulled up to my house and left a fairly heavy box on my doorstep. It had a return address from Amazon.com and since Bob has occasionally ordered books from them I thought he had ordered something for Christmas. Then when I opened the box it further confused me because it was a Paula Deen appointment calendar and a dozen cans of Bing Cherries! I couldn’t imagine Bob ordering something like that. Later that day Julie contacted me asking if I had gotten her package! We had been having an on-going conversation about Coca-Cola and Cranberry Salad which is Bob’s favorite Christmas dish and I had casually mentioned that I didn’t make it very often any more because I had such a hard time finding the cherries.

She was a wonderful, sweet, interesting cousin and I'll miss our emails and conversations about food, family and our search for family links that will continue to bind us even in her absence.

Homsley Reunion, Seymour, Texas

Homsley Reunion, Seymour, Texas
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