Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lula Genevive Roberts sends Christmas Card to Mother

Lula Geneva Roberts
November 15, 1889 - April 03, 1926

Photo of Lula Geneva Roberts sent to her mother, Alice Cook Roberts Puckett, on Sept. 28, 1907. She was born on November 15, 1889 in Many, Louisiana and died April 3, 1926 in California.

Her father was Marion Roberts. Some where I have information on his accidental death and I just need to find it.

So, she was 18 when this photo was taken.

One of my great aunts remembers being told that Grandpa (Harve) was born around Many, Louisiana. Grandma (Alice) was from Lewing Town. They used to tell the children that Grandpa would go to Lewing Town and court the "Widow" Roberts. Alice was married to a man named Roberts and they had three children (Lula Geneva Roberts, an infant boy, and Eles Lee Roberts). When Alice married Harvey, her mother, Mary Province Cook, would not let her take the children with her to that marriage.

This card was obviously sent to Alice Cook Roberts Puckett by her oldest daughter, Lula Geneva(Genevive?) Roberts. We know she was in Many, Louisiana from a card that was sent to her mother in 1907, then when she died she was in California according to the family records I have. Now this card was sent to Alice & Harvey's family at Christmas in 1923 or 1928(?) from Ft. Worth, Texas! We need to find out if she actually lived at 1037 Jefferson in Ft. Worth. Maybe we'll find her on the census records.

Wonder who got the stamp????

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