Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lamar Family in Millsap, Texas

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my Puckett ancestors in Millsap, Texas. They were standing in front of an old house that they once lived in that now stands in the center of the little community of Millsap. It caught the attention of Sheree Collins who left a comment. She wrote:

Hi Judy, I'm looking for information about the Lamar family in Millsap, TX. All I know is my great-grandmother Danella "Della" Lamar was born there Feb. 11, 1891. I saw a map of the town and noticed a S. Lamar street about 3 and a half blocks long. How can I find out if this street is named after the Lamar family or not? Thanks for any help or links you can point me toward. Sheree (wife of Duggan)

I responded with a note that would hopefully lead her to someone who could help. Read my suggestions and then her exciting success story.
Hello Sheree. I think the Library in Weatherford (the county seat) would be helpful. You can contact them at Weatherford Public Library

Genealogical & History Dept.
1014 Charles Street
Weatherford, Tx 76086

Genealogy Dept 817-598-4156

There is also a small museum in Millsap located across from the post office in the Benjamin M. Porter Cabin. Millsap Post Office, 103 Fairview Rd, Millsap - (940) 682-7393. Maybe they can tell you how to get in touch with the Millsap Heritage Society which I think is housed there.

Dear Judy,
I followed up with your suggestion to contact the Millsap Heritage Society via the Post Office there. I spoke for about 10 minutes with Joann Barnhart who looked up cemetery records in Parker County for me. My great grandmother Danella Lamar is not buried in Texas, but her grandparents are (Moses Perry and Sarah Lamar).
Joann was able to recollect many older Lamars who stayed in the area through her mother who was quite the historian. My great grandmother moved on to Colorado then eventually California and Washington and Oregon. Joann will be sending me a copy of the cemetery records in Parker County and possibly photos of the markers. Apparently, the S. Lamar St. in Millsap is named for the Lamar family I am a descendant from.

In relaying this newfound information to my father, he told me his great uncle Clyde Lamar owned a mortuary in Texas. I googled Clyde Lamar funeral home and found a wonderful link to the Moses Perry Lamar family on the University of Texas at Arlington website http://library.uta.edu/findingAids/GA236.jsp#Series%20II

Thank you so much for the push in the right direction in finding out more about this branch of the family!

We are overwhelmed with the wealth of information we've found just for a couple hours of surfing the internet and 10 minutes of phone conversation!!

Thank you again, your kind help is so appreciated,
Sheree Collins

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