Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Meme & Tag

Like so many of you, I have many things to be thankful for and it’s hard to choose just two. But as I sit here this morning in my warm, safe home with the bright sunlight pouring in through the long wall of windows that look out into my small backyard, I’m reminded of my children and how they loved to play in the leaves. We lived in several different places when they were children and each of those places had its own special charm. But all of them seemed to be the most beautiful to me in the autumn.

I’m thankful for the colors of autumn and the fact that I can still see those colors. Sometimes my vision seems to dim and I pray that it will not go away completely.

My family is the single thing I’m most thankful for at this Thanksgiving season, though. I’m glad that my husband and I have been able to raise such well-rounded children and that we don’t have the worries that some folks have when dealing with their kids. Thank you, God, for that blessing. We have three children and six wonderful grandchildren whom we enjoy so much! I’m also thankful for the rest of my family, both past and present. Just being able to share sisterhood with four beautiful, fantastic women is something I think about everyday; and to have two very strong, good men as brothers is a blessing, as well.

I’d like to hear what you are thankful for today. I’m tagging William Morgan over at The Sock in the Drayer.

The Thanksgiving Meme was started by Julie at GenBlog by Julie.

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