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Last Will of Mr. Farmer - Lingleville, Texas

West End Cemetery
A lot of the childhood memories I have took place near the small, neatly manicured cemetery of West End in the tiny, dairy community of Lingleville in Erath County, Texas. When my father remarried after having been left with three small daughters to raise with the help of my mother’s immediate family, we spent half of our time in the little frame and rock house that resides beside this still used cemetery which is so typical of the ones you find in this part of my home state.We spent many hours “visiting” the dead, carefully tiptoeing past the headstones, and depending on the time of day or night, marking our escape route with wary eye as we dared one another to go to the far end at the top of the hill. As we grew to adulthood we enjoyed watching our children enjoy the same fascination with our childhood playground.I don’t remember any of us being disrespectful. It was a natural thing to do – walking and playing in the cemetery. Every visit to the “home place” is punc…

I've Been Tagged - 8 Facts about Me

I've been tagged by Colleen to share 8 things about me and then tag 8 people to respond with their own post. I'd be happy to oblige!

Here are the Tag Rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. A the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

Here are a few facts or habits (8 of them to be exact) that you might not know about me.
1. I don't remember my original hair color.
2. I was Class Treasurer in my senior year of high school. (Yes, yes, I know that's surprising!)
3. I love to eat Frito Pie - chili, cheese, onion, and original size Fritos.
4. My grandparents raised me and 2 of my sisters.
5. I love to knit and crochet.
6. I drink too many caffeine-free diet cokes a day!
7. I like to read every morning for ab…

Happy Thanksgiving Meme & Tag

Like so many of you, I have many things to be thankful for and it’s hard to choose just two. But as I sit here this morning in my warm, safe home with the bright sunlight pouring in through the long wall of windows that look out into my small backyard, I’m reminded of my children and how they loved to play in the leaves. We lived in several different places when they were children and each of those places had its own special charm. But all of them seemed to be the most beautiful to me in the autumn.I’m thankful for the colors of autumn and the fact that I can still see those colors. Sometimes my vision seems to dim and I pray that it will not go away completely.My family is the single thing I’m most thankful for at this Thanksgiving season, though. I’m glad that my husband and I have been able to raise such well-rounded children and that we don’t have the worries that some folks have when dealing with their kids. Thank you, God, for that blessing. We have three children and six wonder…

Country Churches and Cemeteries in North Carolina

While at our daughter's home in North Carolina we took several excursions along the back roads while "leaf peeping". We saw many little churches and cemeteries. I'd like to show you some of my favorites.

This pretty little church on the hill was having a worship service that morning. We couldn't see any cars at first, but as we drove up the drive and circled around toward the back, we saw the parking lot full of cars. I hope we didn't disturb anyone.

All of the tombstones were slanting toward the top of the hill and the church. There were several square stones placed in the ground on an angle. The one in this picture at the end of the row has a child's name (last name Green) with his day of birth and day of death. I also saw some of this same type of marker in the St. Thomas Episcopal Church cemetery in Bath, North Carolina.

This seemingly abandoned church with the red door had a sign that said, "Open for Prayer Daily." This was on a Sunday afterno…

Lamar Family in Millsap, Texas

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my Puckett ancestors in Millsap, Texas. They were standing in front of an old house that they once lived in that now stands in the center of the little community of Millsap. It caught the attention of Sheree Collins who left a comment. She wrote:
Hi Judy, I'm looking for information about the Lamar family in Millsap, TX. All I know is my great-grandmother Danella "Della" Lamar was born there Feb. 11, 1891. I saw a map of the town and noticed a S. Lamar street about 3 and a half blocks long. How can I find out if this street is named after the Lamar family or not? Thanks for any help or links you can point me toward. Sheree (wife of Duggan)I responded with a note that would hopefully lead her to someone who could help. Read my suggestions and then her exciting success story.

Hello Sheree. I think the Library in Weatherford (the county seat) would be helpful. You can contact them at Weatherford Public Library
Genealogical & History …

North Carolina Churches, Barns and Buildings

North Carolina is beautiful this time of year. Of course, leaf-peeping is an activity that a lot of you are familiar with, but my cousin had very little exposure to when the two of us decided to at last fly away on one of American’s best, Flight 300, and visit that beautiful state. We were picked up at RDU by my daughter and two granddaughters on a beautiful, crisp day in the middle of October. My daughter was a great sport. She entertained, accommodated, made sacrifices and “turned around” at every missed country road we wanted to go down! We took picture after picture of old country churches, cemeteries, and broken down barns and buildings. We had a great time. Thank you, daughter-o’-mine!The pictures above are of buildings in Valle Crucis near the Mast General Store that is shown in the third photo. While there we all enjoyed going into the Candy Barrel and buying something for our sweet tooth! The day was cold and wet but we enjoyed every minute. Once we were back on the road we …

Twin Smiles?

Maedelle Gailey Carlyle on left
Born September 25, 1921 - Died October 13, 2005
Vernelle Gailey Rowbury on right
Born September 25, 1921 - Died August 19, 1998

When asked to participate in the GeneaBloggers "Smile for the Camera!" Carnival by the footnoteMaven, I immediately thought of one of my favorite photos of my mother and aunt. They were twins and even though they were identical, there were little things about them that let you know exactly which twin you were talking to, or in this case, looking at.
Mother is on the right and Maedelle is the baby on the left. Although both are looking at the photographer, Mother seems to be enjoying the moment while Maedelle seems a little bit irritated with the entire process!
When the twins were born my grandparents must have thought they were being persecuted. The labor was hard and it came way too early. The doctor in town told them to make arrangements for their burial. “They will never live through the night,” he said. My aunt Maed…