Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun Friday - Would you Care to Comment?

Challenge was given by Looking 4 Ancestors

When my fellow blogger asked me to participate in a challenge I eagerly accepted. It is my first one here at GeneaBloggers on Facebook. The challenge was to leave a personal comment on at least ten of the blogs you read over the weekend. I read ten and more right away, leaving a comment on each of them. I learned so much and found some great blogs that I will follow and have added to my list of “Favorite Blogs”. I think I may have missed the deadline for turning my list in, but here are the ones I read. Take a look at them if you haven’t done so already. You, too, might find a link to a family line that intrigues you.

Walkin' the Land of my Ancestors kinexxions

Fact or Fiction? THE GRAVEYARD RABBIT: COG 58 Hill Country of Monroe Country

"America cultivates the best Germany brought forth” Genealogy Gems Podcast

THE PURSUIT OF DAVID ROBBINS PT 1, PT2, and PT3 West in New England

An unexpected face found … Gen Musings

Smile for the Camera Dream-of-genea

My Attempt to Become Unfat: Week 41 Hill Country of Monroe Country

Remember Polaroids? Recreate Them With Your Own Photos Thomas 20

Welcome to the commencement exercises Krentz

What Does It Mean To Burn A Feed? FB Bootcamp

How To Add A Label Cloud Blogger FB Bootcamp

Would you care to comment? Sock in the Dryer

A Lad and His Boat Blind Pig and the Acorn

Ancestry, Poverty, and the Great Depression All My Branches

Challenge was given by Looking 4 Ancestors

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