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Harvey Vandegar Puckett 5/27/1871 - 2/19/1958

Harvey's granddaughter, Loweda Ames Wood, remembers being told that Grandpa (Harve) was born around Many, Louisiana. Grandma (Alice) was from Lewing Town. They used to tell the children that Grandpa would go to Lewing Town and court the "Widow" Roberts. Alice was married to a man named Roberts and they had three children (Lula Geneva Roberts, an infant boy, and Eles Lee Roberts). According to family stories, when Alice married Harvey, her mother, Mary Province Cook, would not let her take the children with her to that marriage.

To the right is a picture that was kept in my grandmother, Edna Puckett Gailey's, scrapbook for as long as I can remember. It is three of the Puckett brothers. From the left is Travis Austin Puckett, Charles Rufus Puckett, and Edna's father (my great-grandfather) Harvey Vandegar Puckett.

Harvey's Brother, William Jasper

According to Rita Rascoe Jones, great-granddaughter of William Jasper Puckett I, Lewing town actually borders on the main town of Many, Louisiana. She said she didn't know how the 3 Lewings met and married 3 Pucketts. About 5 miles from Many is a town called Fisher, and Bluford Lewing lived about 2 miles further away, almost in the town of Florien. The Lewing Cemetery is located in front of Bluford Lewing's old homeplace. There is no road to the house. It is through the woods. Rita said she was told by an old lady that Richard lived on Hwy 6 going from Many toward Texas. She said he lived by a Mr. Duggan (also according to the census) who was a preacher and who had married William Jasper Puckett, born 1857.

There is no record of Richard owning land. Rita is of the opinion that as Bluford Lewing's children married he must have given them land. She thinks that land reached all the way to Many. He also sold the land for the town of Fisher, which is a saw-mill town.-- Judy Shubert

Census Information

Rita Rascoe Jones provided the following census information from her research:

  • 1910, Angelina County Texas Roll 1584, Book 1 Pg. 246A
#368, T. A. Puckett, 33, La. Ind. Tx.
Nancy, 30, Al. Al. Al.
Era G. 7, Tx.
Gerald, 6, Tx.
Garland, 4, Tx.
Married 9 years, 3 Kids, Labor at Lumber Mill

J. P. Lewing, 50, La. La. La. (Joseph Pickney)
Barbara, 44, La. Ind. Tx. (Puckett)
Rufus, 20, La.
Richard P. Lewing, 23, La. (Richard Puckett Lewing)
Married 28 yrs.
Barbara Puckett Lewing and Travis Austin Puckett listed on the same page.

  • 1910 Parker County, Texas, Prec 5, pg 246 a
#154, H. V. Puckett, 38, La. Ind. Tx.
Alice, 38, La. La. La.
Lucy, 14, Tx.
Lillie, 12
Lorado, 10
Edna, 7
Mildred, 2
Married 16 yrs, 7 Kids, 5 living

  • 1910 McClain County, Oklahoma, Colbert Twp.
C.R. Puckett, 35, La. Ind, Tx.
Lula, 27, Tx. Tx. Ga.
Laymond, 9, Tx.
Married 12 yrs.
3 Kids, 1 living

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