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Freemason Lodges of Shelby County, Texas

Information on this site taken from the book “Freemasonry in Shelby County Texas, 1846-1900” by William Tellis Parmer and J. B. Sanders. The publication is very thorough and is on file in Shelby County Historical Society and Genealogy Library for view. Only a small amount of the narrative is recorded here. The Cumulative Rosters are taken from the pages in the publication. The book is divided into sections: The American Prelude, Early Texas Political Scene, Masonic Beginnings in Texas, Political Scene of Freemasonry in Shelby County.

Tenaha Lodge No. 737 – Tenaha – Shelby County Texas 1892-1903
Puckett, C. H.
Affiliated  12-28-1893
Demitted   03-16-1894

Truitt Lodge No. 149 – Truitt Store – Shelby County Texas 1854-1869
The third Masonic Lodge established in Shelby County was Truitt Lodge No. 149, which met at Truitt’s Store in the Northeastern portion of the County. (See the book “Freemasonry in Shelby County – 1846-1900” for additional information on the Lodges.)
Richards, C. H. 
Apprentice Degree     05-20-1854
Fellow Craft Degree   07-15-1854
Master of the Lodge   09-16-1854
Timpson Lodge No. 437 – (Golden Drain) – Shelby County Texas 1874-1908
The Golden Drain was located in Rusk County. The exact location of Golden Drain from 1874 to 1876 may not be exactly determined, it is clear, that is the year 1877 the lodge operated at Timpson in Shelby County. All minutes of Golden Drain and its successor, Timpson Lodge, were destroyed by fire in 1908.
Richards, John T.
Apprentice Degree    12-12-1891
Fellow Craft Degree  02-06-1892
Master of the Lodge  03-12-1892
Sapp, B. H.
Apprentice Degree      11-17-1888
Fellow Craft Degree    01-12-1889
Master of the Lodge    01-04-1890
Remarks             Died  11-26-1901

Newbern Lodge No. 97 and Buena Vista – Shelby County Texas 1851-1877
Burns, James 
E.A. no date – F.C. 04/07/1860 – M.M. 05/19/1860
Burns, William P
Petitioned 06/09/1860 – E.A. 07/07/1860 Died in Civil War

Conway, Alfred     
Affiliated 1855 – Demitted 1857
Conway, John
E.A. 03/10/1860 – F.C. 05/07/1860 – M.M. 06/09/1860 – Confederate Army 1862 – 1864 Died 1867
Conway, T.H.
Affiliated 1856
Richards, S.H.
Petition 09/27/1856, E.A. 10/25/1856 – F.C. 12/27/1856
Sapp, B.D. (DeKalb)
F.C. 04/07/1860 M.M. 05/29/1860 – Demitted 02/1867 – Affiliated 08/06/1870 Demitted 06/20/1872

Newbern Lodge No. 97 and Buena Vista - Shelby County Texas 1851-1877, under dispensation was instituted on Sept 29, 1851. On June 14, 1859 Newbern #97, be authorized to change their meeting place from Newbern to Buena Vista (a distance of about eight miles). The Lodge held no meetings from 1861 until March 31, 1866. Most of the books of the Lodge were destroyed during the Civil War. Newbern Lodge, which had met at Newbern and Buena Vista in Shelby County for slightly over a quarter of a century, was entered upon the list of demised Lodges. Its' members were transferred to the rosters of either Sam Houston Lodge No. 149, in Center or Jim Truitt Lodge, No. 345, at Willow Grove.
After finding this information online some time ago, I extracted names I knew to be in my family line. They were all in Shelby County, Texas, at this time. I became interested in learning how many of my ancestors were members of the Freemasons as I knew several of them to have received the rites of a Freemason at their burial. This is only a small number since I focused on Shelby County and I regret to say I did not record the website or the person responsible for this very informative review of “Freemasonry in Shelby County Texas, 1846-1900” by William Tellis Parmer and J. B. Sanders. Judy Richards Shubert


Bill Lawson said...

Hi, you might be interested in this Texas Historical Marker for Truitt which mentions details about the Freemasons Lodge there:

Truitt Community, Shelby County, Tx

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks Bill for your comment. I appreciate the suggestion. I will certainly look at the site for the Truitt Lodge.

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