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Freemason Lodges of Shelby County, Texas

Information on this site taken from the book “Freemasonry in Shelby County Texas, 1846-1900” by William Tellis Parmer and J. B. Sanders. The publication is very thorough and is on file in Shelby County Historical Society and Genealogy Library for view. Only a small amount of the narrative is recorded here. The Cumulative Rosters are taken from the pages in the publication. The book is divided into sections: The American Prelude, Early Texas Political Scene, Masonic Beginnings in Texas, Political Scene of Freemasonry in Shelby County.

Tenaha Lodge No. 737 – Tenaha – Shelby County Texas 1892-1903
Puckett, C. H. Affiliated  12-28-1893 Demitted   03-16-1894
Truitt Lodge No. 149 – Truitt Store – Shelby County Texas 1854-1869 The third Masonic Lodge established in Shelby County was Truitt Lodge No. 149, which met at Truitt’s Store in the Northeastern portion of the County. (See the book “Freemasonry in Shelby County – 1846-1900” for additional information on the Lodges.) Richards, C. H. Apprent…

James Richards - Direct Descendants from James Richards to Judith Gail Richards Shubert

1 James Richards b: in Wales, Great Britain
.. +Biddy Cunningham b: in Ireland
........ 2 Charles Harrison Richards b: Feb 29, 1780 in Blount Springs, AL d: Apr 04, 1839 in San Augustine Co., TX
............ +Mary Elizabeth Polly Sapp b: Jul 30, 1797 in Atlanta, Jefferson or Richmond Co., GA d: Oct 10, 1879 in Buena Vista, Shelby Co., TX
................... 3 John S. Richards b: Feb 19, 1819 in Blount Springs, Blount Co., AL d: Oct 06, 1875 in Shelby Co., TX
....................... +Carolyn G. Conway b: Apr 26, 1829 in TN d: Aft. 1910 in Shelby Co., TX
............................. 4 Joshua Hooper Richards b: Apr 21, 1861 in Shelby Co., TX d: Feb 25, 1939 in Weatherford, Parker Co., TX
................................. +Mary Elizabeth Saphrona Arbella Saria Conway b: Mar 29, 1866 in TX d: Dec 01, 1939 in Weatherford, Parker Co, TX
........................................ 5 John Robert Richards b: Jul 17, 1890 in Timpson, Shelby Co., TX d: Jan 24, 1975 in Stephenville, Erath Co., TX

C. H. Richards on Indigent Families List (1863-1865)

Confederate Indigent Families Lists (1863-1865)
"On November 24, 1863, the Texas Legislature passed a Joint Resolution stating that the government pledged "support and maintenance of [the soldiers'] families during their absence from home." In accordance with this Resolution, an "Act to Support the Families and Dependents of Texas Soldiers" passed on December 15, 1863. The Act set aside $1,000,000 annually to be paid the "families, widows, and dependents of soldiers currently serving in State or Confederate forces, or of soldiers killed or disabled in service." Chief Justices of the counties, on or before March 1 in 1864 and 1865, submitted lists of servicemen and the number of their dependents eligible for relief. The County Clerk administered the money distributed to the county for this purpose. Please note that lists were not compiled in every county; those counties are not represented in the index.
"The information varies somewhat from c…

Terrell State Hospital - North Texas Hospital for the Insane

After interviewing several of my uncles and aunts at one of our Richards Family Reunions I learned that my grandparents met while working in Terrell at the Terrell State Hospital. I knew nothing about the hospital and so started trying to find out something about it and in doing so hoped to shed more light on my grandparents young lives. I don't know where they worked in the hospital but because of jobs they had later in life I feel like they probably worked in the housekeeping or food service area. I have copied some of what I have found on other websites about the hospital that I hope you will find interesting.

My grandparents, John Robert Richards and Willie Laura Homsley got married in 1912 so they must have worked at the hospital when the name was the North Texas Lunatic Asylum. I have not been able to find any employee records from that time.

"Supper for 2000 Patients"
Postcard of North TX State Hospital in Terrell, 1920
Submitted by Elaine Martin
Terrell State Hospit…

Loredo Missouri "Tommie" Puckett Riedel Obituary

Lorado Missouri "Tommie" Puckett

Tommie Puckett Riedel Obituary, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Friday, September 15, 1944, Evening edition, Page 25

AUSTIN, Sept. 15 (AP) -
Mrs. Ed Riedel, 44, wife of the first assistant state auditor, died at her home here Friday.
Mrs. Riedel had been ill for two months. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. She was a former resident of Fort Worth and San Angelo.

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Saturday, September 16, 1944, Page 3
AUSTIN, Sept. 15 (AP) -
Funeral rites will be held here Saturday for Mrs. Ed. F. Riedel, 44, who died Friday. A former resident of San Angelo and Fort Worth, Mrs. Riedel was the wife of the first assistant state auditor.
These researched on micro-film at Ft. Worth City Library by Judy Shubert

The following copy of an obituary (newspaper unknown) had a hand-written date of 9-13-44 at the bottom:

Mrs. Tommie Puckett Riedel, 44, wife of Ed. Riedel, first assistant state …

Harvey Vandegar Puckett Family in Millsap, Texas

Harvey Vandegar Puckett Family - Millsap, Texas
Description: THE HARVEY VANDEGAR PUCKETT FAMILY: Left to right: Lorado Missouri Puckett Kidwell Reidell, Boyd Kidwell (Lorado's 1st husband), Lilly Mae Puckett Morris, Edna Alice Puckett Gailey, Annie Mildred Puckett Ames, Alice Irene Cook Puckett, L.G. Puckett Smith, Harvey V. Puckett, and Harvey Ballard Puckett with family puppy!

Picture made in front of house where they lived in Millsap. The log house has been moved to the center of the community and is now a museum.

I can imagine the family getting together for this picture in order to send it on to Lucy when she arrived in Idaho. You know the winters are often very mild here in North Central Texas and maybe they made it in December. Lucy (not in the picture) died Dec. 30, 1918 after arriving in Sandpoint, Idaho. Date Taken: 1918 on back of Picture Place Taken: Millsap, Texas Owner: Judith Richards Shubert

Grandma in Her Bonnet - Part IV

Left to right: Irene Gailey Stone, Raymond Stone,
Maedelle Gailey, Leon Richards, and Vernelle Gailey Richards
Taken about 1944

We lived on the base at Ft. Knox in an apartment and since Raymond was a supply Sergeant we furnished our apartment with G.I. cots and chairs. The Army furnished the stove and refrigerator. Linda Kay had a baby buggy which she slept in. Another couple moved in with us since we had two bedrooms. They were Elinore and Sully Sullivan. They were from Ohio. He was also a Sergeant. We stayed there about three months and then Raymond's and Sully's outfits were moved to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. So instead of going back to Texas, Elinore asked me to go to Ohio and spend two weeks with her family and Sully's family while the boys found us a place in North Carolina. Elinor and I went to Columbus and spent a week with Sully's family. They were wonderful people and thought Linda Kay was about it. They took care of her the whole time we were there and called…

1934 - Year of Disaster

Twenty-seventh in a seventy-five part series sponsored by theOklahoma Heritage Association as its contribution to the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1982. 1934 – Year of Disaster by Mac McGalliard “Okies, Grapes of Wrath, Dust Bowl” are all terms suggestive of the years of the Great Depression in Oklahoma. The depression got under way in 1930 and extended through the decade of the 1930s and beyond, but the year when the worst disaster struck most families was 1934. That was the year it forgot to rain. Dust storms blotted out the sun, and the low prices and lack of money hit bottom. That was the year that the trickle of people out of the state developed into the greatest flood of outmigration the nation has ever seen. By the end of the decade, it was estimated that some 250,000 people left Oklahoma, and 1934 was the year the flood began. In the face of barren fields and parched pastures, water wells and springs drying up, families by the thousands loaded their most necessary possessions o…

Pucketts to Celebrate Golden Wedding Date - November 9, 1981

Harvey Ballard & Sadie Conley Puckett

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Puckett, 515 N. University Blvd., will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Monday.
Puckett and the former Sadie Conley were married Nov. 9, 1931, in Blanchard. They lived and farmed in the Blanchard community until they moved to Norman in 1953. Born June 28, 1910, in Millsap, Texas, Puckett moved to Blanchard in 1925. After moving to Norman, he worked in the construction field until 1968. At that time he was employed by the First Baptist Church, where he worked until his retirement in 1980. Mrs. Puckett, who was born in Hugo May 29, 1911, also moved to Blanchard in 1925. She was employed at the Holiday Inn in Norman and retired in 1978 after 14 years of service. The Pucketts had nine children. Eight are still living. They are Glenda Burns, Jerry Puckett, Robert Puckett and Elaine Stewart, all of Norman; Patsy Ruble, Newcastle; Van Puckett, Houston; Mary Tevis, El Paso, Te…

Doc Gailey's Twin Daughters Wish Him Happy Birthday

Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, Texas
November 14, 1968Although Dock Gailey is past 39, he is still having birthdays. The latest was on November 8, and as usual he received birthday cards from his identical twin daughters, Mrs. Maedelle Carlyle and Mrs. Vernelle Rowbury.Now there isn’t anything strange about a father receiving birthday cards from his daughters but even though his daughters are miles apart when that time of year arrives, they nearly always send identical cards – even though they have not talked or written to each other about it.

There is an an old saying about identical twins thinking alike and this coincidence makes you wonder if there is any truth to it.
In 1959, Vernelle lived in Sacramento, California and Maedelle lived in Clovis, New Mexico. In 1961, Vernelle lived in Raleigh, North Carolina and Maedelle lived in Lawton, Oklahome – and both times Dock received identical cards. Well.

Grandma in Her Bonnet - Part III

Mrs. Raymond R. Stone

Raymond and I went together for a year. I never gave up skating and if Raymond was not on time for a date, I headed for the skating rink. One night he called and said he had to guard some prisoners so I went skating. One of my friends came by the rink and wanted me to go dancing with her boyfriend and another soldier. She said she had seen Raymond and another guy and two girls at a certain dance hall, so I decided that if he could go out with other girls, I could go out with other guys. When we got to another dance place, there he was and I danced all around him, and he never DID see me. I don't think I ever knew what the soldier's name was that I was with and didn't care, I was so mad. The next night when Raymond came to see me, I asked him if he had worked hard the night before and he said yes. I told him he wasn't working when I had seen him the night before. He was sure surprised.

We skated and danced a lot in those days and watched the moon as …

Harvey Vandegar Puckett 5/27/1871 - 2/19/1958

Harvey's granddaughter, Loweda Ames Wood, remembers being told that Grandpa (Harve) was born around Many, Louisiana. Grandma (Alice) was from Lewing Town. They used to tell the children that Grandpa would go to Lewing Town and court the "Widow" Roberts. Alice was married to a man named Roberts and they had three children (Lula Geneva Roberts, an infant boy, and Eles Lee Roberts). According to family stories, when Alice married Harvey, her mother, Mary Province Cook, would not let her take the children with her to that marriage.

To the right is a picture that was kept in my grandmother, Edna Puckett Gailey's, scrapbook for as long as I can remember. It is three of the Puckett brothers. From the left is Travis Austin Puckett, Charles Rufus Puckett, and Edna's father (my great-grandfather) Harvey Vandegar Puckett.

Harvey's Brother, William Jasper

According to Rita Rascoe Jones, great-granddaughter of William Jasper Puckett I, Lewing town actually borders on the mai…

Final Rites Held for Rev. Puckett

Rev. Charles Puckett, aged 67 years, for many years a well known citizen of Blanchard and beloved Baptist preacher of this community, died at his home here on the afternoon of September 22, 1941.

Funeral services were conducted at the First Baptist church, Blanchard, with Rev. J. A. Ratliff in charge, and Rev. Clifton Malone, assisting.

A quartet composed of M. G. Starry, J. G. Cornett, Virginia Kirby, and Mrs. Clifford Alexander, sang his favorite hymn, "Love Lifted Me"; also "In the Sweet Bye and Bye," and "Abide With Me," with Mrs. C. E. Shelton, playing the accompaniment.

A Masonic interment was held at the cemetery, the ritual being spoken by John W. Barber, District Deputy Grand Master of Masons. Members of the Blanchard lodge took part in the ceremony.

The following served as pallbearers: Lloyd Bowser, Floyd Stine, Auvern Kolb, R. C. Puckett, Ed F. Copeland, and W. O. Potter.

The deceased was born February 26, 1874 in Many, La., Sabine Parish. He moved …