Sunday, May 4, 2008

Judy Shubert in the Limelight

Donald Pennington is a very creative, savvy content producer! I wish I had been the one to come up with his ingenious idea of interviewing other writers on Associated Content!

I was very flattered and more than a little surprised to find his invitation to submit my answers to his very thought-provoking interview process in my mailbox. The process was easy, fun, and very rewarding, as it has brought new readers to the articles I have written.

Donald has a unique style and I felt like we were sitting across from one another - he with pad and pencil in hand and me enjoying the limelight. Afterwards, when reading the interview I felt I had truly gotten to know Judy Shubert a little better!

I find it interesting that Donald is a Texan, too. Like April Lorier, another writer I met by reading Donald's interview of her, I knew a family named Pennington when growing up in a small town in north-central Texas. Their daughter graduated the year before I did and years later her daughter was one of my daughter-in-law's best friends. I moved away from Texas for about 25 years and my son came back to finish high school here so he could attend a Texas college as a resident and not have to pay those huge out-of-state tuition fees. As so often happens, he fell in love with a girl who just happened to know someone from his Mom's past! The world is truly a small place and is getting smaller all the time.

I think Donald is a great asset to Associated Content. He is also a huge source of knowledge to the average content producer. I have learned a lot about how to do things as a writer for them by reading his articles. Along with several others I have met at AC, he has been instrumental in encouraging me to continue writing.

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to share a little of myself with your readers and mine. Everyone needs a Donald Pennington on his or her side!

My interview can be read on Donald's page. Come on over and say hello. You can find the interview here.

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