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The Secrets Buried Under a Family Tree

I happened upon this article reprinted in the blog, Climbing My Family Tree, Ruminations of a part-time genealogist, and would like to repeat a small portion of it here in my blog and allow you to view the entire article on "Climbing My Family Tree." The article was written by Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman.
The secrets buried under a family treeBy Ellen Goodman, Globe Columnist | April 18, 2008I ALWAYS thought that genealogy was for people whose blood ran blue. It was for folks who traced their ancestry to the Mayflower or the American Revolution, not those who came over in steerage one step ahead of the Cossacks.So when the New England Historic Genealogical Society published the family connections between presidential candidates and celebrities, I was an amused bystander. John McCain is the sixth cousin of Laura Bush? Hillary Clinton is the ninth cousin twice removed of Angelina Jolie? Barrack Obama is related to everyone from the Bushes to Brad Pitt? How American, …

Want to Find Free Etext Books in More Sites?

My desire to accumulate U.S. history books and biographies has led me to some interesting sites. If you have ever done a Google search for "free etext" you probably know about,, and other URL's. Want to find free etext books in more sites? What many do not know is the availability of the three best sites that allow you to download thousands of books in PDF format and a variety of other formats. The three sites are, and

Remember, most of these books were generally written long before the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration so you will not find Gone With The Wind or most of the other popular twentieth century writings.

My download files are generally made in txt and PDF format. If you are going to use PDF format you will need to download Acrobat Reader 8.0 from (it is free). PDF format is my person…

Digging for Family Roots

My uncle was a diligent record-keeper and he was very eager for me to help him locate the burial place of his great-grandfather. He knew he was in Texas and had the names of a few places where he thought he might have lived at the end of his life, so we started "digging" a little deeper looking for that elusive clue.

About ten years ago I started searching for a way to safely store the genealogy information that he and others in my family had been collecting over the years. I not only needed a way to store it but a way to quickly calculate relationships and print family group pages and reports. I decided to invest in Family Tree Maker. I say invest because since then I have purchased one update after another. But I feel it was money well spent. Since my first introduction to the Family Tree Maker format my list of names has doubled, tripled, even quadrupled.

My uncle had names and dates as far back as 1817 and he knew that his great-grandfather Stone was born in Missouri. He a…

Why Pay for Major League Baseball?

For those of us who are not fortunate enough to live in a large city with a Major League Baseball team, please be advised that your baseball thirst can be quenched. My life has been mostly an exposure to the Nashville Vols and the Durham Bulls (of movie fame). Add to that twelve years of managing Little League baseball teams and you have a baseball life that is relished by many.
In recent years, my life has changed in dramatic ways. One, I relocated to Fort Worth, Texas and I gained the opportunity to attend Texas Rangers’ baseball games. Secondly, I relocated to Fort Worth, Texas and discovered independent league baseball, American Association League baseball to be specific. I had no idea there was any baseball besides Major League, college, Minor League and Little League. What a pleasant surprise.
You’re probably thinking the independent leagues consist of losers and failures. Not a chance. Losers and failures don’t have the character and intestinal fortitude to not give up when face…