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Mosby Values

Quakers have their own social and religious agenda and don't wish for questioning persons to unravel it. That is part of the reasons they moved to form community, for Constantine Christianity was obtuse to them. North Carolina and Virginia had been settled long enough for some cultural institutions to flourish. Considered to be pacifist, yet its membership produced some soldiers, while the Methodists demurred.

Yes, Edward Mosby seemed to have a dark relationship with the Quakers, for it seemed that the matriarchal influence was heavily present until 1709 when her being mentioned in the records ceased.
He remarries Sarah Watkins at the Curles House Meeting, and later completed a new church by 1724. Then he was kicked out of the Quakers for disorderly walking and mention of him again also ceased.

Retrospect is viewing a glass darkly to comprehend the Homsley family: Garnett, James, Elias Epp, Lawson B., their lives and religious, political and social norms. In Southern families the …
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Sam Houston's Proclamation

219. Texas (republic). PRESIDENT, 1836-1838 (Houston).
[Proclamation offering rewards for the recapture of James Humphreys, charged with the murder of Captain Joseph Powell, and Charles Richards, charged with the murder of a friendly Indian, Captain Toby 
Dated at Houston August 17, 1837, and signed by President Houston and R. A. Irion, Secretary of State.]

[Houston Printed at the Telegraph Office, 1837]

Filmed from the Holdings of the Texas State Library Austin, Texas

By the President of the Republic of Texas
Proclamation for the Apprehension of
James Humphreys and Charles Richards
17th August 1837

Whereas, official information has been received that James Humphreys who had been committed by the civil authorities of the County of Brazoria on the charge of having assassinated Capt. Joseph Powell, at Columbia in June last; and was transferred by said authorities to then Military Post of Velasco for safe keeping, did escape on the night of the 10th instant in irons from said Po…

FERRERS - A Fortunate Ancestry

A Fortunate Ancestry

Genealogy, as in any art form, evokes emotion that flows like honey from the 
pen of the writer to its destination in the mind of the reader. 
One such narrative is of the noble 
Norman house of Walchelme de Frerrars. 
He is of the Ferrar family that originated in Ferbered, Normandy. 
The ancient re'gime manor house was the site of a Knights Templar building and 
a 7th century Benedictine abbey, being a thousand years old when 
destroyed during the French Revolution.

Taking their name from the ubiquitous elements, the family Ferrar
is no exception. This noble family operated one of the most 
ancient of forges at St. Hilliary, at the site of its armor shops.
This family had thedouble distinction of being 
Armorer and Master of the Horse for the Duke of Normandy. 
Proof of such history was attached to the hooves of war horses of the 
Duke of Normandy horse shoe with an escutcheon inaugurating a 
manorial custom of nobility and hereditary status as the 
Master of the Horse, the…

Remembering Our Patriots

These young men are not forgotten, even though their names are not known to me. They are probably sons or sweethearts of my Richards or Proffitt family, as they were tucked away with my Great-aunt Dewey Richards' and Louise Richards Lee Proffitt's collection of family pictures. Dewey, born in 1898, never married. One of these young men may have been her sweetheart. When Dewey died, she left all of her belongings with her younger sister, Louise, who cared for her in her later years. Or one or two of them could be Louise's brother-in-laws, one of the Proffitt boys.

On the back of this one "This is the cutest boy in the world."

And finally, this one.

Photograph collection of Louise Proffitt and Dewey Richards given to nephew, Joe Cronin, Sr. and subsequently given to cousin, Judith Richards Shubert.


The Floyer name enters the already ancient 300 years of Homersley genealogy with William Homersley 1st x 9 Cousin of Garnett Holmes; (15th great grandson of Ade de Rowenwal, our common ancestor, and his daughter by an unknown wife, Margaret Homerlsey (1548-1597) who married Richard Flyer (1546-?) Hints, Stafford, England about 1571.

UK, Extracted Probate Records, London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 
NOTE: Margaret Homerlsey 1548-1597 is the 9th great grandaughter of Ade de Rowenwald.
They had a son, Ralph Flyor (3rd  x 5) 1572-1643, who resided at Oxford, England, married Margery Weston (1577-1609) England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906.

Ralph and Margery had four children; Richard, Francis, Mary, Lettice. 
Richard Flyor/Richard Floyer (29 Jul 1603 Hints, Stafford - 27 Aug 1679) married 21 Mar 1645 Manchester, Warwicke to Elizabeth Eleanor Babington (1618-1679) ; (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Ancestral File," databa…

Addendum to: Thought, Word and Deed

Addendum to: Thought, Word and Deed
Jesus of Nazareth was no Nazirite; He was the true Branch. In the 9-27-2016 article I started to mention that Jesus was a Nazarite. Upon fact checking myself I realized that would be an error. Two words stating that the Jesus of Nazareth was no Nazirite.
Nazareth is the geographical locality of where the Old Testament prophesied the Messiah would have lived. Viewing these two words from an English language perspective they look superficially synonymous. From the usage in Hebrew they are totally different.
"...and being warned by God in a dream, he [Joseph] departed for the regions of Galilee, and came and resided in a city called Nazareth, that what was spoken through the prophets might be fulfilled, 'He shall be called a Nazarene,' " (Matt. 2:22,23)
(NOTE the 7's incorporated that show completeness below) Thus there were fourteen generations in all, from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen…

Quakers Homersley and Hamersley - by Len Holmes

Staffordshire England Quaker Research Hammersley Genetic match to WOOLRICH  Genetic match to LAKER
It is known that the Hamersley family lived for many generations in Stafford, England.  Villages of Hamersley/Homersley
  Leek, Basford, Cheddleton and others
It is clear that the Homersley/Hamersley families were yoeman farmers for generations. Planned marriages were common, as well as those more of choice.

The extant literature suggests that Thomas Hamersley of Basford used his home as a Meeting Place for the Friends' monthly meetings.

ANNO 1669. On the 12th of September, Thomas Hamersly [Hamersley], Robert Miller [Mellor], John Stretch, William Heath, and Joshua Dale, taken at a Meeting in the said Thomas Hamersly [Hamersley]'s House at Basford ... [BESSE]

Thomas Hamersley of Basford in Cheddleton, Staffs, yeoman
 (of Basford, Cheddleton parish, yeoman, absent from Leek church)
1642 [....] (as Hamersly, charged for gaol committal)
1661 [BESSE]
 (his house at Cheddleton used as a…